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Savings & Insurance Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




George Li - Co-Founder

Patrick Long - Co-Founder & Strategy Operations

Ron Merom - Co-Founder & CTO

An Zheng - Principal Engineer

Tom Nash - FrontEnd Developer

Shine Lee - Smart Contract Developer

Expert Review

4.0 out of 5

WeTrust unlike most similar projects associated with p2p lending, offers a number of new solutions, which already distinguishes it for the better. In particular, it is a working prototype of the system, which they call Trusted Lending Circles, which can help increase the percentage of credit repayment. The project also allows third-party developers to create their own dApps within a platform that can use the information already available. The project has a large enough team, all this together with a thoughtful concept can attract investors' attention. There is Vitalik Buterin, which is the creator of Ethereum among the advisors.

User Review

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Jackson Hern13 august 2017, 20:23

I like the idea of lending being taken care within created community. It pushes away any malicious people that would like to profit of person in need and scam them or put an unbelievable high interest rate. With this tool one can create it's own lending groups with friends and family or trusted people from the Internet and one need to choose people right because in case of lost money the whole group takes responsibility. Great I think.

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