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Vibehub transactions will run on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Alessio Mack - Co-Founder, Virtual / Augmented Reality, Full Stack Developer, Futurist & Tech Guru

Mathew Myers - Co-Founder, Crypto Expert, Social Media / Marketing Genius & Musician

Fred Bender - Virtual / Augmented Reality Senior Developer & Tech Enthusiast

Renee Isaac - Quality Assurance, Human Resources

Sean Lundrigan - Junior Developer, Crypto Investor

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

VIBEhub aims to create a blockchain-based technology platform to create virtual marketplaces which will introduce an all-new market for buying/selling experience and knowledge, as they want to enable artists and educators to reach millions of viewers with the help of Virtual Reality. The platform won't have any middleman therefore there are no fees and all of the revenue is going directly to the publishers. It has VIBEX, an ethereum blockchain based cryptocurrency for its monetary transactions taking place within the VIBEhub platform. The team consists of dedicated experienced members so the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is a bit lengthy but well designed and the roadmap has also achieved all of its decided goals so far and the whitepaper look greatly thought and presented.

User Review

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Indie_204 may 2018, 14:14

A virtual and augmented reality marketplace where users can monetize their content makes it better from other similar projects and seems a pretty great concept to me. The team also is considerably good and experienced. The roadmap also turned out to achieve all its set goals so there are pretty fewer chances of it being a scam. The website also is greatly designed and I would consider investing in this project.

Dr.Davis27 august 2017, 22:30

I think Vibehub would be very useful and it would definitely succeed! As VR/AR technology is becoming more popular, so is the blockchain. Vibehub should be using the blockchain hard and forcefully, not soft and timidly. They have a great vision and like any other new company their team will grow and so will their following.

VRcrypto26 august 2017, 06:25

I think this is a great idea...most vr games have in game is this any different? i also see they plan to allow users to purchase vibe currency thru in app purchases...which would make it very easy for non crypto ppl to get in. Also if you have even been part of a global project before, the payment system is the hardest to implement because of the diff currencies and exchange rates, and legalities...not to mention decentralized systems scale better then centralized ones...They have great team, and you can tell by their beta, which looks amazing...which is also rarity in icos theses days...they have actual working just makes sense for meta world to have real crypto currency...i wish them the best of luck...last thought if you dont think that VR or AR is going to be the future, you simple have not done a enough research, its a no brainer...and when those new consumer devices start hitting the market, then you will fully understand what these guys are trying to do.

thesmallboy14 august 2017, 09:28

VIBEhub is one of few ICO site that sell token with very interesting bonus ranging from 30% to 5% which will later be exchange for vibe coin after the ICO.
fund is not accepted from exchange like Coinbase, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc. only hardware wallet is accepted
US citizens are not allow to participated in the token sales

tobs13 august 2017, 00:02

It appears to be essentially a platform for dapps focused in virtual reality. I can't see it being useful at all. I mean VR is becoming more and more popular as a technology and is used more and more in for example recent games, but they seem like they want to use blockchain in it just too hard and forcefully. They don't have any significant team behind it nor there don't seem to be any decent followers group. Looks like pretty soon dead coin or just scam to get the money and deliver product that won't succeed.

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