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Vevue Project


Crowdsourced videos from around the world

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Thomas Olson -

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Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

With the help of the Vevue project, users can earn money by making videos and other content. The project is somewhat similar to the photos in Google Maps, only for video. Blockchain component platform is based on the Qtum platform. They already have a working prototype, however the application is not posted on the platforms of iTunes or Google There is a smart contract available to check on project's GitHub. Despite all this, it's hard to find a clear explanation of the application and utility of blockchain in the application itself. It seems that tokens are needed only to reward the creators for their content. The team has decent amount of members with the focus being put on developers and programmers.

User Review

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BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 11:10

I dont unserstand why there are only bad reviews here.What they are trying to do is to create some kind of a tourist app, where you pay some money to see what places you can visit if you go an a trip there. Is is not a bad project ,but google maps is already full of all places in whole world with photos and also reviews. Also youtube is full of this kind of videos where people is reviewing the places where the go. So it is not going to work.

ppppp25 august 2017, 19:09

No whitepapers, no faq, little to no information. That is suspicious.

I'm not sure why someone would pay for recording stuff? I mean they explain it that for example a business owner may put these requests near his restaurant or whatever place he's got to encourage people to visit it in order to claim the reward but also use his service. This may seem reasonable, but other than that I find it weird that there will be people paying me money for recording places near my house, this may end up being dangerous.

Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 22:50

If this is a legit project, and I repeat "IF", then it would be a really interesting way of making money and earning your bitcoins. However I can't see the point of this project, as you would basically be going around taking photos and recording places they mark on your map, but why? Maybe they will need it to some statistics or you and your surrounding will be watched, then it can get really suspicious that a company is gathering your geolocation and videos of places around your house. The sole idea of making money by recording short videos seems good for a user, and the design seems also okay. But I'd be careful...

User1357013 august 2017, 16:49

It seems like the developers of this app want to get geolocation of many users. Also get them to record places near them, it can be easily exploited for some scamming, blackmailing or robberies. You need to go to a place they want you to and record it and they for some reason will pay you in bitcoin for this task, I would say it's a red flag.

Josephic13 august 2017, 16:45

Seems shady, most possible a scam. For some reason for recording your surrouding you can earn bitcoins with their app. You need to look if there are any places to record near you and submit a 30s clip. I don't see a point of this. Moreover, the app has been scanned for possible unwanted application by an antivirus, so I would be careful downloading it.

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