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The Worlds First ICO Aftermarket

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ABDULLAH AL OTHAIM - President of Vertex Capital

FAHAD AL RAJHI - Head of Business Development


WAHEEB BAJAHMOUM - Head of Crypto Strategy

RAYNE DAVIS - Marketing Manager

YURI KITIKARI - Crypto Analyst & Trader

DAN AFANAS - Crypto Analyst & Trader

AHMED SAEED - Designer & Web developer

AMRITANSH AGRAWAL - Team Leader Development

TZVI SHISHLER - Head Social Media

EMPIRE GLOBAL - Legal Counsel

SAEED BIN LAHEG - Head of Marketing

Vertex is creating the first market of its kind and a unique token that combines trading, venture capital experience, and fair-value based tokenization. Vertex will create a financial ecosystem that will ensure a high-end, profitable market for investments in cryptocurrency, through its platform. Vertex offers the first aftermarket for ICO’s, which will provide investors with strong opportunities to get returns and bring more fiat resources into cryptocurrency markets, by attracting capital through its ICO vetting mechanisms.

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5 is proposing quite an interesting and unique idea of an ICO aftermarket, which gives investors opportunity to buy popular ICO-based tokens even after they finish their public token sales. Not only will the potential investor enjoy the possibility of buying hot tokens from the projects that already sold out, but also the ICOs available on the platform will be thoroughly checked by Vertex investment and blockchain specialists. This way, they can eliminate from the investing pool potential scam or simply low quality projects to protect investors from losing money. When it comes to the sole preparation and initial design, Vertex.Market gives a very professional expression and seems to be a well-thought project. As an advantage acts the fact that even at the early stage of the project, the team consists of variety of members responsible for all important aspects of the project. There are project managers, crypto analysts, designers and developers with an extension in the form of an advisory board experienced in blockchain technology. The team is relatively small, however it's also worth mentioning that there is a good amount of early investors and project partners. With ICOs having its ups and downs, negative publicity, while still raising millions of dollars, such platform can find its place in the crypto community and may be at least a partial solution to the problems connected with this type of funding.

User Review

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ICO Review11 november 2018, 13:48

I like the idea very much, because nowadays ICO market is quite uncertain mostly because of the huge amount of weak or scam projects that distort the good idea behind such type of raising funds. Initial Coin Offering could be a very good way for a project to get the early investors, who can count on potential huge profits if it succeeds, however investors have become afraid of buying these tokens because of all of the uncertainities. This platform could filter out any bad projects and leave only the good and promising tokens.

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