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Platform that will forever change film industry

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Smart contract blockchain




TIM LEA - Founder and CEO



ADRIANA BELOTTI - Digital & Community Manager

MEL MONTGOMERY - Digital Media Producer

KAT PRICE - PR & Marketing

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Opinion#4528 august 2017, 14:14

It's great that they try to fight piracy and illegal streaming as it can basically kill any indie small projects. Maybe the big film industry doesn't care as they are still making a lot of money, but independent film studios need every cent.

They want to create a platform that with the help of smart contracts, or rather smart ownership, blockchain technology and their new developed technologies, it all can help to securely distribute films and protect them from piracy.

They approach to this project is very professional. They provide all the information in a basic and easy to understand way, but also include all the technical papers on how they are going to do this. The site's design is pretty good.

Phil.il15 august 2017, 19:33

They announce a battle against film piracy. A battle that in my opinion is impossible to win, therefore making this project kinda fail from the beginning.

But I don't see film industry suffering that much. I mean, even with many of their movies being illegally watched and pirated, they still manage to create blockbusters that easily score millions of dollars of revenue.
To sum up what will this project end up being, I think is just another streaming site, something like a Netflix, but marketed as anti-piracy and powered by blockchain. They want to develop special tools that will help protecting with copyrighted materials and cut costs of distribution with presumably power of blockchain, therefore increasing the revenue of creators. It looks good, but I'm not sure if this is the right project that will act as a movie streamer with addition of a blockchain technology and special token.

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