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VeganCoin is the fuel that drives a global vegan ecosystem. The day-to-day needs of hundreds of millions of people will be met on our blockchain-based, decentralized marketplace. VeganNation alongside VeganCoin will empower humanity to move towards a more conscious and ethical future.

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Isaac Thomas - CEO & Founder

Nati Giat - CTO & Co Founder

Shneor Shapira - VP BD & Co Founder

Yossi Raybi - BD & Co Founder

Noam Shane Ashwal - Chief Sales Officer

Moriya Malka - COO

Omri Schul - Creative Manager

Gal Cohen - Head of content

The VeganNation project is set to create a decentralized all-in-one platform for people following the philosophy and values of veganism in their everyday lives. Blockchain technology will help to create a robust community and empower vegans’ ability to impact global problems. The infrastructure will make it easier to approach and maintain the vegan way of living. The transparent marketplace will allow cruelty-free enterprises and customers safely and easily trade and communicate. The infrastructure’s internal cryptocurrency is named VeganNation Coin and goes under the VCN ticker. The token will fuel all transactions within the network. The development team’s objective is to have the VCN token listed on major exchanges after version 1.0 of the VeganNation platform is released and tokens are delivered to participants.

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

With the veganism becoming more and more popular life-style choice for many people, VegaNation decided to unite the whole community in one project and with one token. Stats that the project provides state that there are currently an estimated 300 Million vegans 1.2 billion vegetarians worldwide, and as the numbers keep rising there may be a huge market for vegan-focused platform to thrive. VeganNation wants to introduce an interesting idea of food sharing platform. They've noticed that there are services based on sharing cars or houses and they want to tackle the idea on vegan dishes. The users could prepare the food both for themselves but at the same time create an additional portion and sell it to others in they local area. This will create a new reality for vegans as small, decentralized vegan restaurants will be available everywhere and home cooked dishes will be offered at reasonable prices. Moreover, the platform will also consists of an online shop to connect vegan food suppliers, farmers, craftsmen and various businesses.

User Review

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ICO Review11 november 2018, 14:24

At the first glance, one may think that the idea is quite funny or bizzare and the whole vegan movement isn't that noticeable. However, the stats are indeed real. There are milions of vegans out there that can become potential users of such platform. The food suppliers target them more and more with a lot of eco and vegan friendly products, so looking business-wisely that may be a very good idea to create a platform solely for the vegan community, therefore apart from one may think about this movement, it can turn out to be very profitable.

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