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Vega also takes ‘decentralization’ to its natural conclusion

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Smart contract blockchain




William Russell - Business Operations

George K Van Hoomissen - Head Developer

Ben Mahler - Developer

Ben Conte - Advisor

Sergiy Chemodanov - Development Advisor

Expert Review

2 out of 5

The Vega project looks as if people far from the blockchain have decided to do something related to this in order to earn money. The essence, the principles of the system - all this is explained by some blurred phrases. After reading the information on the project website, most people have more questions than it was before the study began. There are only 3 people in the project team. It is difficult to say without knowing the essence of the project, is this enough, but most likely this is not enough for carrying out both ICO and implementation of the majority of projects in the field of blockchain.

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