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Valorem Foundation


Building a reserve lending platform for multi-party transactions across multiple industries.

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HARINDERJIT SINGH - Head of Web & Design Development

NAVDEEP GARG - Head of Platform Development IOT, Ui/Ux

ANURAG MAKOL - Lead Developer

YARON VILOSNY - Business Development

JARED RAIA - Commercial & Residential Lending & Real Estate Development

Building a reserve lending platform for multi-party transactions across multiple industries.

Valorem Foundation's VLR token is the utility token for this ever changing platform. Valorem Foundation is developing a unique platform with the following features: Microloans, Student Loans, Car Loans, P2P Networks, Business Investing, Crowdfunding, Buying/Selling of goods, Insurance and Charity. Valorem is built on Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20 with Zero Coin Protocol. Valorem operates on a simple principle. Value given should equal value received. With extraordinary advances in the crypto space we developed a system for everyone to share ideas, products, services and be a part of an ecosystem that can truly help develop and preserve their personal wealth. Valorem platform is the next frontier of currency exchange.

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

Valorem Foundation wants to create an ultimate cryptocurrency, which could be useful for any type of transaction a potential user would make. They could use it as a payment option in various marketplaces, or as an investment. The platform will continually introduce new features and services, which users will be able to purchase. For example, users will be able to borrow money for a car, sell something they made, donate to their favorite charity, or even buy insurance. Valorem will have an advantage over regular fiat currency, as it won't lose its value that easily. The developers even claim that Valorem will increase in value because of its limited supply and liquidity. Additionally, the team behind the project is very wide and consists of skilled people with a lot of years of experience.

User Review

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Ken2013 march 2018, 21:52

In my opinion they don't really know what they want. I mean they promise a lot of things, but it seems they won't be able to deliver all of them at the highest quality so we will get an average coin, which can be used for many things instead of very good project usable for one case. There is nothing too interesting about the design of the project and content of the documentations. The project is average, it may finish the ICO successfully, but it won't revolutionize anything. Just my thoughts.

Investor03 february 2018, 17:18

Woah, they dream quite big in my opinion. It would be very interesting to see the whole platform fully working, as they promise a lot of interesting things. I think they have a chance of becoming that place on the internet where you can find everything you need. They will focus on microloans, but it will be also possible to take a loan for your car or education. Moreover, there will be also a regular marketplace for various goods. Or there is even a chance for a charity services.

Richard_103 february 2018, 17:15

In my opinion, the design of the site and overall promotional material could be better, but all of the necessary information is provided so I guess that's alright. The team is very experienced so they seem like proper people to deliver what they promise. And now the question is, is what they promise really that interesting? They want to create that platform with a lot of services and things to order and buy, but in my opinion they aim to provide too many things and maybe should start smaller. Also if the aim of the token is only transactions I don't see why wouldn't we use what we already have like bitcoin or even litecoin? But I understand that it is for the sake of the platform. Well, we will see how it goes.

John Jon03 february 2018, 17:13

Undoubtedly, Valorem team is the biggest advantage of the project. I mean these people have already worked on many successful projects and cooperated with big companies. They have 7 or even 10 years of experience. The programmers and developers know multiple programming languages and can work with blockchain technologies. And the business and project management side of the project is also in good hands. They have their linkedins accounts so you can trace them and check that these are real people.

Ow.0203 february 2018, 17:10

I personally don't see anything particularly interesting about this project. They want to create their token and that's okay, but why would it become anything big? Maybe if the platform itself becomes successful and offers a lot of interesting services, people will want to buy these tokens in order to use them on this platform, but I'm not convinced by people who only want to create a new revolutionary cryptocurrency that will rule out fiat money and do nothing apart from being a digital money. I mean, we already have such coins, don't we?

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