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The future of online payments

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Smart contract blockchain




Nuno Correia - CEO

Filipe Castro - CIO

Artur Goulão - CTO

Roberto Machado - CPO

Luís Ferreira - Head of Engineering

Laura Esteves - Head of Operations

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Usually a comparison to another existing project or company may not be good, as it indicates that the idea is not that unique, but in that case we can confidently say that Utrust wants to act as PayPal-like platform, but this time with the focus on payments in cryptocurrencies. They want to focus on the cooperation between a seller of some product and his customer. Just the simple thought of the fact that maybe one day at the check out at most of online stores, among the payment methods you will be able to find Utrust. That way you can pay for any product with a cryptocurrency of your choice, and it doesn't mean limiting yourself only to Bitcoins. As Utrust platform is based on the blockchain technology it is superior to any mainstream payment platforms as it can significantly reduce any unnecessary fees and all the transactions are secure and transparent, meaning there is no place for scams, double payments or cashbacks at the last moment. This way both the seller and buyer are protected. In case there are any problems with their transaction, Utrust will solve this problem and work out the solution directly with them.

User Review

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ApiTally19 january 2018, 20:32

Agree with some of the post above in regards to creating something that already exists however, I like the idea and their head is in the right place. This will help the community and with technologies such as bancor or shapeshift, it will better their platform for conversions of crypto. Good white paper, clean.

It's interesting01 october 2017, 17:18

I find this project very interesting and I want it to succeed. I hope it won't lose as there are other projects that are now trying to start their ICOs and are aiming to do almost the same as Utrust. So, may the best payment platform project win. This one seems like a solid candidate to be significant player in the payment field in the future.

ICO GUY29 september 2017, 01:15

If they end up being as big as PayPal then god bless everyone who had bought their token. I want to look at this project solely from the possible profit perspective. They are going to become the master platform to combine and build a bridge between crypto and fiat powered world. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular and it's a matter of time when we will be paying with them everyday. We need to support futuristic projects like this one.

Proyekt24 september 2017, 00:15

They are yet to be developed, but we already have for example Monaco project, that is quite succesfull and past their ICO phase. They offer that instant exchange of crypto to fiat to allow the user to pay with it everywhere. I mean it's good that there will be some competition, but they better offer something really big to make me change from Monaco to Utrust.

BUY LISK23 september 2017, 21:15

If I could pay with cryptocurrency like I can do with dollars right now through paypal for example, I'd really enjoy spreading the awarness of the most interesting currencies to use among other mainstream people that don't know much about blockchain and it's technologies yet. Utrust is very focused on protection of the consumer and that's a big advantage of this project. If I were to choose which cryptocurrency I want to use I'd go with Lisk, as it needs to be popularized more. However I'm not sure if I want to spend it all that quickly as it will most likely raise in price. So maybe I will pay for my groceries or online shopping with bitcoins using this Utrust platform.

karmakeddon17 september 2017, 04:22

I think this ICO will be a good one since it has a lot of potential. This is like the Blockchain version of Paypal which is much more secure since you would not be able to do chargebacks easily. That way other people cannot rob you of your hard work if you have already completed it and got paid.

The Reviewer #10209 september 2017, 22:11

I have a felling that it has a potential of being worth quite a lot one day. I mean the initial coin offering is at the $0.04 per token, which can easily go to 4 dollars, meaning times 100 your initial investment. With every transaction as a part of a fee some part of UTRUST tokens will be destroyed, making them more limited and unique and most importantly more valuable. If the platform gets to the size of PayPal, I can easily see it being traded at $10 dollars which would mean that your $1000 invested now, will turn into $250,000. As I've said, there is a future to foresee.

If they deliver everything they promise, that includes, fast and easy payments with instant exchanges from crypto to fiat, the protection of customers and low fees, they will rule the internet shopping, you can already imagine their logo being seen at the check out when it comes to choosing your payment method. Pretty solid project, I like it.

Vitali08 september 2017, 22:15

Holder of the utrust token will not only posses a simple coin that one can pay for something with. As the platform grows the token's value will also grow. Actually with every transaction, part of the fee will be some part of it will be destroyed in form of Utrust token, therefore the higher the total volume of transaction on the platform, the higher the token's value. It would be like having a share of paypal at the very beginning. Who knew it would explode to be the biggest revolution in payments? I can suggest not to miss an opportunity here as well to hold some tokens that you can initially buy at the relatively cheap price compared to what they can be worth one day. And we can expect it to be worth a lot, as such platform is really needed and if it turns out to work without problems, I can see it being used by everyone just like PayPal.

Harry Smith08 september 2017, 20:30

If I were to list some advantage of this project, it would look like this:
- support of popular cryptocurrencies (not only bitcoin)
- reduced fees because of blockchain technology
- fast transactions
- care for the customer
- protection of both buyer and seller
- it's own interesting token
- transparency and nothing to hide
- all the necessary information is easy to find and provided

If we think about it, there are actually no considerable drawbacks as the idea for the platform and the promise of execution looks very good and confident. The only bad thing that can happen is that they suddenly disappear with money and don't deliver the platform, but it's really improbable and as the devs are real people they wouldn't risk their good names and careers to scam people, so it looks very good.

Cedric Vinyj08 september 2017, 02:15

The main page of the website says: ''UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies while providing a groundbreaking purchase protection mechanism.''

The idea is rather simple, paypal has succeeded, now the times have changed, there are new technologies emerging, we've got blockchain and the whole cryptocurrency market, so there is a need for improved platform. A new cryptocurrency-minded PayPal? They've got enough features and will still focus on payments in fiat that I can actually see them being successful especially because they introduce support for cryptocurrencies instant exchange to fiat.

The project generally seems to be quite transparent and straight-forward. There is little chance that it's a scam, the developers seem real and actually quite experienced and skillful. It's a promising ICO.

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