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Is an academic credential verification service

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Smart contract blockchain




Raghu Bala - Co-Founder & CTO

Kosta Batzavalis - Co-Founder

Jeffrey Fidelman - CFO

Gemma-Marie Corti - Legal & Compliance

George Batzavalis - Administrative Officer

Sergei Sergienko - Strategic Consultant

TrustED is an academic credential verification service, that brings honesty, legitimacy, and convenience to the human resources industry. The TrustED infrastructure enables universities, and online educational and training Institutions to store, as well as authenticate grades, credentials, or certificates, leveraging the distributed ledger technology of blockchain. In addition, permissioned parties will have the ability to confidently verify academic credentials of an individual through the TrustED platform, bringing an end to existing lengthy, expensive and manual processes.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

TrustED aims to create a platform for academic credential verification. Blockchain technology is utilized as an efficient but most importantly secure storage for what is often a confidential and vulnerable information. The universities can easily trust such decentralized platform with handling information about their students as everything happens on an encrypted, yet transparent blockchain, which means that every data is both protected but also validated and assured that it won't be changed, removed or leaked. That way the employers will get a convenient way to check their future employees data and save a lot of recruitment money that goes on the verification of the documentation. Moreover, TrustED could also offer governments a reliable source of document verification for immigrant workers. One of the advantages of the project is the team behind it, as despite the relatively early stage of the development, it already managed to gather a significant amount of skilled and experienced members, forming a rather big team behind the Trust Education project with members having experience in big and well-known corporations.

User Review

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ICO Review11 november 2018, 14:03

Blockchain is a great tool for such problems where a convenient verification method is required, therefore it's the best choice of technology to create TrustED platform. I'm not exactly sure about the real life neccessity of such platform, however if they noticed such market gap then they may succeed. But personally, I don't see how potential investor of such platform could benefit in the future, money-wise. Overall, the site and the information provided there are quite solid, detailed and easily explain the idea of the project. The team is undoubtedly an advantage and they can easily deliver the promised technology.

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