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A Decentralized Charity Platform

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Roy Brand Founder - Concept Designer

Alexander Kozhukhov Founder - Senior Developer

Laurynas Čekanavičius Founder - Developer

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Herlina17 august 2017, 12:28

At the outset I should say their project has lot of red flags, like they do not have a star list of advisers, they have a 16 year old as a team member who is also their Blockchain & Cryptocurrency developer. They do not have a registered company or a foundation, they plan to raise it via the seed capital they raise. They are basically freelancers who though have extensive experience in developing websites but their charitable experience is limited though noteworthy. And finally their platform may be centralized as they initially want to develop it in PHP & Maria DB, though the smart contract part is on Ethereum.

But as an investor I can assure that I have not seen a much committed team than they are. They have been called scam and what not but they have been patient and polite in answering to people. Hence if you are really looking for a team that is long committed to their project and yourself are charitable then you should talk to them support their project they need it badly.

Glory9016 august 2017, 11:34

Good idea to create a transparent charity project.

TribeToken is a decentralized charity platform that uses Tokens to donate or create charity projects and can be traded on exchanges. It it is fully dedicated to charity projects and uses Ethereums as the underlying platform. Their goal is to create a global currency for charity projects and to help people in need and to create a decentralized Token so anyone could acquire without limitations, to create a decentralized network of projects which are stored on the Ethereum‘s Blockchain and can be controlled by a decentralized voting system.

Disadvantages TribeToken:
Currently funding charity projects and for charities to reach larger masses is difficult, and I heard the lack of transactions for their projects.

User1357013 august 2017, 16:52

Well the idea is simple, it's like another crowdfunding platform this time for charities. Anyone can create what they want to raise money for and people will donate the tokens. Because of blockchain transparency and minimal fees it can join numerous sites similar to it that we already have. Nothing new and can be easily exploited by bad people.

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