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Decentralized platform allowing users to connect

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Smart contract blockchain




Matt Mastovits - Co-Founder

Kevin Ferguson - Co-Founder

Alexander Batelka - Core Developer

Mike Jenkins - Core Developer

Denis Voytek - Marketing

Ben Hofman - Legal & Security

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zyx224 september 2017, 13:35

So after completing the ICO phase they are now closing everything down? It is either a big coincidence and they might have just gone under some sort of attack, or their site is down to technical reason, but it just seems too suspicious. These kind of projects are what is really bringing down the whole ICO incentive and that's why many people believe every project is a scam. Police should take care of them if they don't come back with a valid reason why they had decided to delete all their socialmedia and site.

S N N24 september 2017, 08:09

Seems to be scammy. Website medium post tweeter everything deleted after the ICO is completed.

Tee-em24 september 2017, 04:58

It's a scam. Didn't give out tokens and website down. I'm glad I didn't throw a lot of coin into this one, as I couldn't find aything on their dev team on linkedin or Github. A great way to tell a scam. No code, anonymous dev, website down. It's really sad that companies have decided to pop up to steal honest peoples' money and run. Hopefully, these folks find some sort of ethical resurrection and give funds back to "investors" or people who have been scammed by them This is horrible.

MonopolyPlayer20 august 2017, 17:36

It can be a very useful tool and platform for such business to ease their accounting and managing processes. The company can then track their delivers, estimate all the costs and profits, have it connected to their suppliers and storage to check if there are enough goods for planned sells and so on. A general platform connecting all the needed features for organizing and managing your business if you sell things.

The design is very good. I like it. They provide a lot of information about their project from both technical and general points of view, so an investor or random user can feel very informed and easily get a grasp of what they are offering.

Looks good to me, however the success relies on whether or not there will be businesses wanting to use that tool.

AbuUrwa16 august 2017, 23:21

Transaction fees are extremely low and maximum transaction security is guaranteed since it makes use of the Ethereum blockchain. TRC Network Token doesn’t need mining hardware as mining is done over the Network.
The lack of mining Hardware might leave the platform susceptible to fraud and lack of control
Final words:
How decentralized the token on the platform remains a thing to watch out for when the ICO begins.

Wall-S16 august 2017, 19:52

It's a platform that will ease the process of shipment in general. It starts from the sole tracking of the delivery of the product so that you can stay informed about the progress. It can also be integrated with the company's inventory management so that you can easily keep track of how many shipments have your company sent. With the analytical power it can also calculate the most efficient trade routes and amount of supply so that company owner can maximize their profit. I see it as an interesting improvement in the delivery and shipment market.

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