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Provider of full-cycle mining services

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Smart contract blockchain




Steven Moore - CEO

Andrey Vasilyev - Smart Contract Development

Ivan Kipelov - Head of IR

David Hizmanov - Legal Counsel

Jorj Harlan - Financial management

Elena Strogina - Communications and PR

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They turned out to be a scam. They copied the whitepapers from other ICO and used names and pictures of real people in their section about the team without their consent, their facility and offices doesn't exist on provided locations and the site is most likely down for good now. Project has been exposed by

User Review

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clintl27 september 2017, 23:18

This companies White Paper looks just like the Cryptonomos white paper for the WTT token, almost word for word identical. What is going on with Tothemoon? Why didn't they make an effort to write an original white paper?

Mials18 september 2017, 21:18

Team is great that could have dare to offer the world's first provider of full cycle mining services. It is fresh idea for investors to keep value of crypto-currency and earn some passive either invest or rent their mining service. This a plan which can be considered to invest and get return in fast because mining demands were increasing more and more.

Leonardo F.16 september 2017, 16:42

First of all, after getting to this ICO's site, the great design really works as an advantage. It makes the user want to stay longer on the site and read about what they can offer.

Tothemoonimus aims to provide you with a full cycle mining facility. They can rent you a space for your miner, or let you use one of theirs. You only pay for the renting and the electricity and you get all the profit from mined coins of your choice. Tothemoon coins will be used to pay for the service. They can also be leased through the platform to other users so they can set up their mines, this way you can make some passive profit.

Franz Wasp15 september 2017, 14:45

They aim to create a platform where you could buy mining power to mine one of the cryptocurrencies. Usually such platform takes fee that pay for the renting of the space, miners and electricity costs, but if you buy their tokens you won't have to pay for the rent which will make you earn more money from mining. They provide full range of mining services from equipment sales, maintenance and repair to private blockchain servicing.

The site's design is pretty good. It not only looks nice but also offers a lot of useful information.

As the cryptocurrencies market is still developing I can see a great demand for a project that allows ordinary people to get some profit from mining these coins.

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