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TokenCard is a depositless Ethereum token-based debit card & platform

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Mel Gelderman - Project Leader

David Hoggard - Partnerships and Finance

Peter Vessenes - Technology

Abib Bocresion - Business and Finance

Andreas Glarner - Legal Expert

Dennis Peterson - Senior Solidity Engineer

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

TokenCard is a project aimed at creating a way to apply crypto currency in everyday life, since now it works with regular money and bank cards. It's divided into three elements: the Token Contract Wallet, TokenCard and Token App. There are a lot of such projects, so let's look at it in detail. We could not find a prototype or MVP, and all that they have at the moment is a design. Yes, the project is prepared well, but they want to collect about 16 million dollars (the approximate size of their Hard Cap) just at the expense of the idea. There is an opinion that it is necessary to invest in the team, and not in the project. So from that side the ICO is pretty good - the team consists of 20 people, including many experienced managers and developers.

User Review

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That's right19 august 2017, 10:46

They issue a card that is connected to an online platform holding all your crypto assets. Really good idea and looks like they execute it well, but there are already projects like this that just simply feel better, for example Monaco. However, a little bit of competitiveness is always good for companies to deliver better products, so this one is a decent attempt to strike for that market of combining crypto world with fiat payments.

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