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Decentralized business platform

Token symbol

Smart contract blockchain




Alexander Neymark - Founder, CEO

Dmitry Kochin - Founder, CTO, PhD

Anton Filatov - Head of Software Development

Natalia Tokar - Business Development Partner

Nicola Marangoni - Java developer, Big Data Expert

Hendry Rodriguez - Software developer


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29 august 2017, 22:53
5 out of 5

good management team with traceable working experience
the project is very realistic and the roadmap is very great
cheap token sales with dual payment option (BTC, ETH)
support ERC 20 and ERC 223 wallet
no buzzy words and active social links
US citizens cannot applied
the project is lenthy

13 august 2017, 15:50
5 out of 5

One blockchain to arrange and control everything connected to a business project. An employer can set up the project, find the workers using the platform, arrange all the contracts and objectives and then execute the project and pay the employees.
It can ease the proccess and help to organise the projects with workers from all over the world working in their homes. And that's the future we will face when you no longer need to go to work and be there personally and the employer can look for the best qualified people not only in the city of the company but can hire everywhere.

13 august 2017, 15:46
5 out of 5

It will be pretty useful to be able to do business, especially now if workers and employers can work online and be all over the world. They can write and sign any contracts, settlements, agreements and all business offers. With everything being transparent and signed into the unchangeable blockchain. It will eliminate any possibility of fraud or one site of the party not meeting the agreement.

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