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Tiberius Coin


Allows you to benefit from the multi-trillion tech industry

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Christoph Eibl - Chief Executive Officer

Philip R. Zimmermann - Chief Scientist and Security Officer

Rafael Torreblanca - Chief Marketing Officer

Giuseppe Rapallo - Chief Operating Officer

Nicholas Cutler - Chief Technical Officer

Simon Rahme - Head Of Development

Darian Pizem - Chief Digital Officer

Thomas Gustinis - Chief B.Development Officer

Abbe Barnes - Digital Marketing Growth Officer

Nicholas Mcdowell - Developer

Tiberius has been a leading global commodities asset manager, mining operator, metal merchant and Commodities Technology (ComTech) investor based in Zug, Switzerland for over a decade

Tiberius’ asset management division is regulated and licensed by FINMA (Switzerland) and the SEC (USA)

The tiberius coin has intrinsic value because it’s backed by physically deliverable metals. We are creating a more secure and decentralized asset to help protect your wealth

A cryptocurrency backed by physical commodities is a natural extension of our existing business and builds on our core competencies

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

Tiberius wants to create an investing hybrid, which consists of a digital asset connected with special variety of real assets such as metals. These metals have been chosen based on their utility, market need and potential future need. Tiberius has researched which resources will be mostly used in the future, especially in the markets of Robotics and AI, IoT and Teleco, Transportation or Space Exploration, as these are the most rapidly developing sectors. As an advantage acts the fact, the the project not only promises that there is the psychical metal behind the coin, but it also allows investors to exchange the coin for this real asset. It includes metals such as copper, aluminum, gold, nickel, cobalt or tin. The exact price of the token at Initial Metals Sale depends on the price of the metal at that date, but the value of the basket is close to $0.75 at the time of writing. The overall design of the site and whitepapers is quite good and makes it easy to research the project further. The team is transparently listed, with members having their LinkedIn profiles available to check their previous experience and skills. However, at the early stage of the project it consists mostly of asset managers, executives and advisors.

User Review

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Dr Ibrahim Halkano15 october 2018, 12:54

The Ability to retain value due to the backing with a physical asset is the most important component of this ICO, it has potential to create true value in the market. Digital assets with assets will be more stable than those without it

Futuristic ICO13 october 2018, 12:46

In my opinion the project is good. But, they want to create a digital asset that will go on the cryptocurrency market and we know that this market is quite harsh, volatile and not friendly for projects. Before the token raise in price it will take many years, they are thinking ahead and that's very good, but the thing is that the crypto investors are not thinking that far in the future. They want quick gains, so the coin will most likely have problems on the market, because of impatient investors that can't wait few years for gains. But the sole idea is brilliant. Investing in the metals needed in the technology sector can really pay off after few years.

ICO Review13 october 2018, 12:43

Actually I find such project very promising, as it focuses on assets that have real utility and will be needed in the future. The technology develops rapidly and it mostly focuses on things such as computers, devices and lots of electronics and it's obvious that they require variety of metals to create all of these circuits, panels and so on. Therefore, in that case we may get a digital assets that is more stable than other cryptocurrencies and whose value may increase in the future as more and more metal-based products will be developed. Even your regular computers requires these metals and it's not like we are going to stop creating technology. Overall, the site and everything looks quite professional and trustworthy.

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