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Toby Hoenisch - Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Sperk - Co-Founder & CTO

Paul Kitti. - Co-Founder & COO

Julian Hosp - Co-Founder & CVO

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phil1681414 september 2017, 15:20

What I like the most about TenX is that it provides a simple way to use your crypto currencies with a single card. I believe this simplicity of use will be very attractive to bring in "not so technical" people into the crypto currency sphere and contribute to mass adoption and overall growth of the market.
The 0% spending and exchange fees are also very attractive compared to other competitors such as Wirex or Xapo.
I also like that they are very open about the progress of the development and you can interact with them on their weekly Q&A sessions.

dlorah17 august 2017, 12:47

Great project with allready a working product. Paying with your crypto at every store imaginable. Even if they don't exept crypto this card will convert it to fiat. This coin allready made a big profit to some people. I see a very bright future for this project. But there is also a lot of competition.

Glory9015 august 2017, 09:23

this a payment platform built on top of the Comit Network. The payment platform gets rid of most fees associated with international banking and transfers. The company will offer a physical card and a virtual card that lets you interact with products and services in the real-world.
TenX just completed its presale, during which it raised $39 million USD in only 36 hours. That was the presale. The full ICO is occurring on June 24.
Obviously, TenX is generating enormous attention in the blockchain community and has received the support of industry giants like Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum).

disadvantages of Tenx: pay fees for physical and virtual cards, and there are spending limits in place.

robiul2213 august 2017, 16:20

TenX has a great Future,,It seems that TenX Pay has uptrend because after correction and other round of accumulation it is rising again. We may be seeing it crossing 0.002 BTC by the end of day in few hours from now. It still has lot of potential to grow further once more features and operational in future.

Pumared13 august 2017, 04:29

Tenx has a great differential, compared to spending, they propose the adoption of a credit card, where you spend your bitcoins safely and efficiently, something that few websites, or icos prorpoem for the improvement of the market. I advise you to purchase this one, and use it and have nothing to complain about.

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