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Taklimakan Network


Blockchain-based Investment and Educational Business Platfrom for Crypto Community

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Alexander Mitrovich - Advisor and Developer Relations

Rashid Yussup - CEO and Co-founder

Rustam Kairy - COO and Co-founder

Berik Yernazar - Business Analyst

Gregory Zaitsev - Project Architector

Tommy Petrov - Chief Marketing Officer

Sasha Goldman - Project Manager

Taklimakan Network is a platform designed to improve the professional level of crypto investors and make them more successful with the help of experienced traders and analysts. This project will operate as business platform for effective interaction between newcomers of cryptomarket, professional traders, analysts and asset managers. Extensive functionality, variety of investment tools and services with an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface will be featured in the project. A rating system that allows investors to identify the most popular and reliable providers of trading signals and analytics, rewards to all users for participating in a crowd prediction and many other interesting platform tools will attract more users interested in the crypto industry. As a result, both beginners and experts will be motivated.

The Taklimakan Network platform allows users not only to be a project investor, but also to receive the information that might be useful for their investment activity. Often people participate in ICO in order to get a quick earnings, buying tokens on pre-sale and selling them on the stock exchange immediately after they got listed. But to the current date, with the increase in the number of ICOs conducted the speculative earnings of short-term investors are becoming less and less realistic and sometimes they are not profitable at all.

By having the Taklimakan Network Tokens in the investment portfolio, user should not be considered as a speculative player, he becomes an investor of a promising project which is useful for the whole crypto community and whose tokens will bring a huge profit after the project is fully executed instead. Moreover, the platform can be used for commercial purposes by generating passive income on a regular basis. But the ultimate goal of this project is not only a commercial interest, but also the creation of really useful platform for the entire crypto community.

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Taklimakan Network aims to help anyone, from beginners to experienced traders to make better cryptocurrency investments. They want to help them by providing various tools, as well as educational resources and materials, which could help improve their trading and decision making skills. Moreover, experienced traders and analysts will be able to publish their own materials, conduct lectures and courses and contribute to the platform, while earning the tokens. One of the interesting features of the platform is the aggregator of cryptocurrency-related news. The analytical service aggregates, verifies and evaluates news materials about various cryptocurrencies and important events or situations. Their already reached their first goals and the platform seems to be popular with the users.

User Review

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very interested31 march 2018, 12:10

the project looks good, the design of the site is very nice and it s easy to find all of the information, i think there is a great demand in such platform as cryptocurrencies are now more popular so more people are interested in trading them so it will be a good place to learn everything and i don t think there are many that well prepared other similiar platforms

Kayko031 march 2018, 10:15

I love the design of the platform, the site and the promotional material. I know that the technical part of the project is the most imporant, however a good media presence and good looking platform is also very important. It can easily encourage potential users and investors to research the project even more and the whitepapers are a very good place to do so, as they are written transparently and with great details. I think the project is very solid, the team consists of a lot of experienced and skilled professionals, so they will surely deliver what they promise. I hope the platform will become popular, as its good to create this sort of community for traders, both experienced and beginners.

Smart Investor31 march 2018, 07:00

I will undoubtedly advise to check this project, as it may be a promising investment. I mean it all depends on whether or not they will be able to encourage a lot of experienced traders to move to this platform, however as they allow them to give lectures and create lessons about cryptocurrencies for others, I guess many traders will try out the platform seeking some additional income. But it's not the only focus of the platform. First and foremost, they will provide the user will abundance of helpful tools and services, which make the investments and market trades much easier and more efficient. They provide investment pools, trading tools, analytics, educational materials, crowd predictions to name a few of the features.

Idaho31 march 2018, 00:00

This will be a platform to connect experienced and skilled traders and analysts from the cryptocurrency world with the newbies and beginners, who want to learn more about making profits and smart choices with these new digital coins. Such project will benefit both sides, as experienced traders will be able to teach others and make money with it. Beginners will be able to follow the most successful traders and copy their strategies. Overall, the project looks very well-prepared and the design of the site and content of the whitepapers is pretty impressive.

01ckioeenjdsan31930 march 2018, 23:30

Taklimakan Network is a reliable tool of earnings for professionals. Each expert can share his trading and analytical abilities with others for a fee. They can: Publish analytical materials and send them directly to the subscribers, Manage assets of different users and provide strategy, Do lectures, webinars and consultations, as well as introducing beginners to the basics of Blockchain technology, Use of analytical tools for statistical analysis of data, Access the news portal for information on cryptocurrencies, selected and structured analytical services of the platform. While newbies of crypto markets can increase their investment skills in crypto assets, get professional analysis of blockchain start-ups and increase their capital, at the expense of managers.

Billy_230 march 2018, 11:54

Taklimakan Network is a decentralized investment and educational business platform for cryptocurrency
investors, traders, analysts being a connecting resource between beginners and experts. And I think this is a very good and promising project, because with the popularization of cryptocurrencies, more and more people want to benefit from them. However, they don't know how to properly trade them and invest smartly, therefore it's good that there will be a place to learn more.

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