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TaaS is a tokenized closed-end fund designed to reduce risks of investing in blockchain space.

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Konstantin Pysarenko - Co-founder, International Relations

Ruslan Gavrilyuk - Co-founder, Global Strategy

Dimitri Chupryna - Co-founder, Technology & Analytics

Maksym Muratov - Co-founder, Technology & Trading

Olga Tertyshna - Marketing

Matviy Zakharuk - Jr Data Analyst

Expert Review

4.0 out of 5

TaaS is a platform or fund that manages investors' assets, independently choosing directions for financing. If you believe the statements of the creators of the project, then the project has differences from many similar competitors. Firstly, it is a "smart" automatic system that helps to choose the investment goals. In addition, all fund transactions and its portfolio should be transparent, which corresponds to the concept of a blockchain era. It's hard to say that the project site and the documentation for it give the impression that the team is ready to implement such a rather complex functionality. On the other hand, understanding what is needed for the market can play a positive role in the development of the project.

User Review

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Nick W.15 august 2017, 17:02

I find it being another one of these mutual fund investment projects that one can get a grasp of profit of investments and assets that has been decided by a majority and get a part of it's income. This project has an interesting approach of this kind of earning. They aim to be an active player on the markets and with the proper strategy and big amount of funds raised during ICO phase, I can see them making significant profits, therefore making the token worth a lot.

palmbird15 august 2017, 15:45

TaaS claims to be the first closed-end fund in cryptocurrencies.Their model is transparent and promises high return of the investments.Part of the gains will also be reinvested in the project what is a good thing.The team invest a lot of its time in international relations and has a global strategy.I hope that use of the blockchain will work out well for all these new interprises but still there are risks on this new investments.Taas is lucky to have such a promising team.

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