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Decentralized Restaurant Recommendation Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Tomochika Kamiya - CEO

Hiroshi Mita - Development Director

Satoru H. - Blockchain Engineer

Shun Sato - Creative Director

Laura Symborski - Chief Director

Eunjin Kim - Director

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

Synchrolife wants to develop a database of all restaurants and food places ratings, reviews and current menu, that can be viewed with a simple mobile app. The users will be rewarded by providing current information about a place or a quality review. It will encourage users to visit many places and earn tokens, that can be used later for food discounts or maybe even as a payment for the whole meal in the future. Such small project have an advantage over very complex and ambitious projects, because they can possibly get into the mainstream. It's this kind of app that everyone can download and benefit from using. And a lot of users can make any project successful. The design and the app prototype are very high quality, simple and good-looking.

User Review

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BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 10:41

A new idea , a new concept , a good looking website and app, you can earn free money. Thats what I am looking for. It is available in over 120 countries , thats a big advantage. Restaurant owners can promote their business , while the people earn free money just for reviewing the places where they eat every day. Great

Rin30 august 2017, 10:27

Nice they already have a beta version out and have already attracted users in Japan. I think this could gain popularity quickly once the token is in place and people realized they can earn cryptocurrency by reviewing restaurants, seems like it could really be a hit with the Instagram and food bloggers who want to get rewarded for their content.

Vince_222220 august 2017, 19:01

Very simple, very useful. I think that the small and practical projects for people to use in everyday life are the most profitable one. And this is one of them. Very easy to use app that provides information about various restaurants. The information is written by the user that are later rewarded for that in tokens. A platform that with the help of many people can easily become a huge and always up to date database of all the restaurants. And you can contribute to it and make some money by providing quality information. You can than exchange the coin for money on the exchanges or discounts at the restaurants and one day they aim to make it an official world food currency that will allow us to pay in every restaurant. The design is wonderful.

Vitali18 august 2017, 11:13

It's an easy to use and simple application that recommends where to eat.

The projects relies on the user comments and reviews. They also are the one to provide all the up to date information like opening hours and recent restaurant menu. To encourage users in providing good quality information, fort their comments and reviews they will be awarded in these tokens, which can later be used to exchange for restaurant discounts or one day even pay for your food at every place.

If the project succeeds enough to be introduced by a significant amount of restaurants, I can see it being very usable to pay for your food everywhere you go and also make some coins by providing information about the place you've just eaten at.

The design of the app is very good.

palmbird14 august 2017, 15:40

I see this project as universal and ready to use in real life.So if it keep innovating it will be a great succes.I will also be very good for travelling .There will be information about the different locations to eat at all times and always up to date .Different feathers will make it more simple to get to the restaurant of your choice.The pictures are great and attractive.So this project is looking great and tasteful.

thesmallboy14 august 2017, 10:46

generally the site is well develop, whitepaper present and its mobile optimized. they are trying to develop a platform which connect users with restuarant. users will also be rewarded for reviewing restaurant. i believe this is a great concept and i see synchrolife competing with global site like yelp, yellowpage, superpage etc. i will recommend this platform and give it five star

User1357013 august 2017, 15:42

It's easy to earn this token as you need to provide information about restaurants you visit. If many user create high quality description and up to date menu, we get a pretty good app with all neccessery information with recommendations where to eat and also suggestions based on your favourite food. The coins will be used to exchange for giftcards or special menus in participating restaurants. In the future it will even be able to pay with this coin for food, so it has a potential to become worldwide food token, used in every restaurant, cafe, bar, pub, fastfood chain and so on.

Josephic13 august 2017, 15:36

It's a pretty simple and nothing revolutionary but it's a really interesting usage of blockchain taken into the mainstream. It will create a huge database of many restaurants, pubs and places to eat from all over the world with the most up to date information as every user can contribute to it and the fact that writing reviews will grant them tokens will probably encourage people to create quality content.

It also introduces AI that will recommend you new places based on what you've already visited and which type of food you like.

The app is already usable, has got good reviews by users, easy in use with fancy design and many good looking photos of delicious meals!

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