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Crowdvouching platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Eugene Lobachev - CEO

Anna Paulova - CMO

Svetlana Eydelman - CFO

Vlad Zubarev - Business Development & Advising

Andrey Zverev - Business Development & Advising

Konstantin Vishnivetsky - Lead developer

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Suretly aims to eradicate problems in the traditional money lending systems by introducing the Crowdvouching solution in the world. Investors are able to vouch for loans collectively rather than providing it directly to the borrower. It gives an advantage to all parties, the investors and the borrowers. SUR tokens are used as a guarantee. Suretly is not a direct lender. All the loans are issued by lending partners, which are licensed micro-financing organizations. The application is already developed and has launched in Russia. The next aims include extending the services for Kazakhstan and then USA. The team consists of experienced and dedicated members and the overall team evaluation is positive. The website and the app are neatly designed. The team behind the project doesn't seem to be listed on the site.

User Review

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ICO Review28 may 2018, 20:00

That project has a unique vision and has the potential to be the next huge thing in the lending system. According to me, it would really benefit a lot of people and attract lots of investors. The fact that all other aspects of the project like its team, well-designed website, well-planned whitepaper makes it better and an option to invest in.

Mazi117 august 2017, 02:06

I must say that this is an innovative idea that would definitely have an impact on the world, which ever way it goes. First, let me put it that I completely agree with this incredible idea, but I have a few reservations about it. I truly hope this does not turn out to be a Ponzi scheme in the near future. I also hope that there is a well mapped out plan about people who would default their loan payment, and I also hope that the interest to be paid- if any- would be within the reach of normal folks. If these two things can be taken care of, then we have a revolution before us.

palmbird14 august 2017, 15:49

I like the idea that you can loan from people on this innovating platform.But i don't know if there will be much people that will be willing to give money .If it's a secure system it can work but it wil need time.So investors will also need to have time to make money.I hope the system will be available in a lot of countries where there is need for small loans (such as Africa).So this seems to be an honest project that can help a lot of poor people forward.

Josephic13 august 2017, 15:57

It's a platform where someone can take a loan if there are enough people that will vouch for him and pay it off in case he can't, he will then pay off the loan and everyone will get the interest. Seems like a really good way to get money if you are in need, and profit hugely if you choose carefully who you vouch for. We are slowly getting to a world where banks will no longer held anyone hostage and p2p transactions, loans and interests are becoming more and more popular. Anyone looking for even more decentralization will like projects like this one.

Also they have already released the platform in selected countries and are planning to make it available in even more countries.

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