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Simon Yu - Co-Founder and CEO

Calvin Hsieh - Co-Founder and CTO

Rui Maximo - Blockchain Engineer

Sean Zhong - VP of Engineering

Arry Yu - COO

Bill Shihara - Advisor & Investor

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

STORM aims to provide as many tasks and micro-jobs as possible, so that anyone can find something suitable for him. For people with particular skills there will be a selection with normal freelancing jobs looking for certain people. It is based on a normal peer-to-peer exchange and anyone will be able to issue such job and pay the freelancer. This platform has taken an approach that you don't need to consider Internet micro-jobs as boring or hard and you can easily find something suitable for yourself. It's worth noting that even though there are similar platforms already, STORM with the help of blockchain technology is able to provide its services with significantly lower fees, which can encourage freelancers to move from their mainstream platforms of choice. Moreover, there is no way you will get scammed of money or don't get paid for your work as everything is secured by the blockchain and the smart contracts.The team behind the project is relatively big and consists of experienced members.

User Review

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ICO Review11 june 2018, 20:06

A platform where users can earn by playing and completing micro-tasks is what the project aims to offer which I think is a great idea as it could attract a vast user base and it offers what it has stated. The team is great along with all the other aspects of the project like its website and whitepaper. Overall I don't think it could be a scam as it seems a nice project to invest in.

En!oy03 september 2017, 19:37

We can focus and provide detailed description about how wonderful or awful this project is and list all of the advantages and disadvantages, but the situation and opinion about this project should be rather simple. It's a freelancer/micro-job platform. We've got and know and have been using already some of these sites that got popular and mainstream. But what this site has that no other existing at this point is the whole blockchain and token usage. It's basically no fees, instant payments, instant withdrawals, no need to lose money, get scammed or wait for some time.

The blockchain technology is the future and they know how to use it.

Jacob Firth02 september 2017, 15:41

A very decent project that wants to battle an unjust fees that take almost half of freelancer revenue with the help of the blockchain and easily transferable STORM tokens. You don't have to wait to withdraw you funds and the transaction between a freelancer and the one creating the job also takes place on the chain, so everything is transparent and secure.

What I also like is how many different methods of making money they want to offer, so everyone with or without special skills can make few dollars (or I should say few tokens) there for sure.

Vikings are not extinct boy02 september 2017, 15:21

They want to create a platform that will combine all the possible ways of making money on the Internet through micro-jobs. The market of such services is really developing nowadays and there is a growing demand as people like to work from home.

The design of the site is very good, all the information is easy to find and understand. The only drawback at this stage is the lack of whitepapers and detailed information, but when they provide it we can make a decision if this is really a good investment, but feels like it's a good bet for the future.

That's right19 august 2017, 10:49

So they aim to create a platform for freelancers. It's nothing new nor revolutionary as we already have many of these today. However, with the power of blockchain they can significantly lower all the fees that are taken from freelancer wage, allowing people to earn more money.

The design is okay, nothing too good, but looks decent. The team is quite big and know what they are talking about. Seems like they can deliver the platform as it's possible that there will be people registering and making money there.

Jackson Hern13 august 2017, 20:33

I've come across few ICOs trying to establish places for freelancers to earn cryptocurrencies doing micro-tasks. Taking such a site to a blockchain has the advantage of decreasing most of the fees such a site would need to take from the freelancer, therefore it's a good idea to bring micro works on the blockchain. However, I've seen projects having better approach and technical idea about how to do this. I don't but into the design of the site. Doesn't look like a solid investment.

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