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Storj is a platform, cryptocurrency

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Smart contract blockchain




Shawn Wilkinson - Founder & CEO & CTO

Tome Boshevski - Founder & Chief Design Officer

James Prestwich - Founder & COO & CFO

John Quinn - Founder & Chief Development Officer

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Storj ICO is a project that wants to make another cloud storage, similar to for example DropBox, Google Drive and others. On the one hand, competition with such giants will clearly not be easy. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum has spoken about decentralized and blockchain-based cloud storages being able to compete with mainstream solutions and even provide better quality of such services. There are a lot of serious shortcomings of regular cloud storages, such as insecurity of information, lack of confidentiality guarantees and much more. Storj promises to try to solve these problems. In order to create cloud capable of storing enormous amount of information, any user will be able to devote their own unused drive space and bandwith in exchange for tokens. The files are very securely encrypted with AWS S3 compatible interface. The project already has a working product. Behind the development is a large development team. From a legal point of view, everything also looks very reliable. Such an attentive approach to the implementation of the project and ICO gives a very positive impression and allows to think that they may succeed in the future.

User Review

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j.bob213 august 2017, 12:05

They have choosen a tough battleground as there are already many well established cloud storage companies with Google Drive and Dropbox it's hard to see them successful, also there are other storage minded blockchain projects and I would go more with for example Siacoin. However Storj seems like they are persistent enough and are gaining a significant community. They have also partner with Microsoft Azure and Heroku .

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