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Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement Blockchain Service

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Smart contract blockchain




Mikhail Krzhanovsky - Chief Executive Officer

Igor Salikov - Chief Operation officer

Alexander Suvorov - Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Dmitry Kostachev - Chief Technology Officer

Aleksey Zhunin - Lead backend and blockchain developer

Olga Belyakova - Chief Marketing Officer

We are presenting you StopTheFakes, the world’s first decentralized service to detect counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights, copyright, and relevant rights. Our project aims to bring together right holders and consumers in their fight against piracy products and content. Companies will have the opportunity to detect, localize and document violations of their rights quickly and efficiently, and law-abiding consumers will be rewarded for their assistance in combating piracy.

Our team is on an ambitious mission: to create a global system facilitating the fight against counterfeiting and piracy all over the world. Our goal is to minimize the cost of detecting violations and help brand owners to come into direct contact with consumers. Fighting against violations of intellectual property rights will result in reduced advertising expenses and increased profits for law-abiding companies while hitting organized crime hard.

Our short-term plan is to build a system that will destroy the multi-billion counterfeit market. The Blockchain technology was initially developed to exclude the possibility of counterfeiting, changing or altering information about transactions. Most transactions carried out in the world are related to the sale of goods and services. We want to enforce law and transparency on the global market and strive to provide small companies and private entrepreneurs with the same opportunities to fight counterfeiting that only big brands can afford now.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

StopTheFakes wants to do exactly what the project's name indicates - stop the fakes. They have noticed an enormous problem, as counterfeit market has exceeded over $461 billion and it doesn't seem to slow down in the near future. As the losses of many companies are very significant and infringements of intellectual property rights and computer piracy cannot really be estimated, StopTheFakes have come up with an interesting idea, where platform users detect violators of intellectual property rights, producers and distributors of counterfeit goods and pirates anywhere in the world. The platform and its possible successful counterfeit filter will work thanks to the doers, which will be users from all over the world able to check and validate the products and services. The team is wide and consists of experienced people with many set of skills.

User Review

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User13 march 2018, 21:16

It's a good idea and professional team.
The main person in the project is the Doer. It is unclear, whether it will be possible to attract them in enough and qualification.Presently it is possible to order beautiful high-quality polygraphy and packaging. In most cases to distinguish a counterfeit from the original by sight rather difficult - it is necessary to be the expert in the field or even to hand over samples for examination if it concerns products or consumer goods.

Igor Salikov27 february 2018, 16:37

Hello! I'm not going to review my own ICO project. I believe in my idea оn 5 stars. You can review my project. If you have any questions, please visit our website, join our telegram group chat. Ill answer all your questions.
Thank you!

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