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Status is a free and open source mobile client

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Smart contract blockchain




Carl - Co-founder

Jarrad - Co-founder

Roman - Lead Clojure

Victor - Go

Alexander - Clojure

Andrey - Clojure

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Status makes a universal mobile application for the use of new functional, which appeared recently thanks to the technology of blockchain. This is a kind of exosystem or even a mobile operating system, in which various dApps can be used. It can be seen that the project team has thoroughly worked through all aspects of the project and is clearly set up to implement it. From this point of view, the project looks very reliable. Some elements of the project code are already available on GitHub. There is an idea of ​​how this system will be arranged, as it will look. And the project team allows you to count on the quality of the announced functionality and the development of the project in the future.

User Review

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Milkyway65432122 august 2017, 19:12

On one hand they combine everything that a user really needs in a crypto world, on the other hand we've already got each of these functions as separate apps that work really great on their own. It's good and convenient to have everything in one place, but how good of a quality such platform can be? I think a project that focuses on one field can deliver better product than someone who tries a little of everything. The design is very good, I have to admit and the information is also clearly provided. I'm just not that sure of project, but I will surely use it if it turns out to be good.

j.bob213 august 2017, 12:12

They've got potential. Status combines everything one would need to really get the grasp of decentralized world with things running on blockchains technologies, many dapps available and cryptocurrency payments. For someone who really believes in Ethereum as a whole, Status will let them use it in it's fullness. They have a small userbase, however it would be more enjoyable if they grew as they even let a user to user transactions and exchanges currency and services.

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