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Bringing transparent privacy and scalability

Token symbol

Smart contract blockchain




Eli Ben Sasson - Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the East

Alessandro Chiesa - Co-Founder Chief Scientist in the West

Uri Kolodny - Co-Founder CEO

Michael Riabzev - Co-Founder Chief Architect

Lior Goldberg - Engineering

Gideon Kaempfer - Engineering

Oren Katz - Engineering

Ilya Lesokhin - Engineering

David Levit-Gurevich - Engineering

Avihu Levy - Product

Shir Peled - Engineering

StarkWare will improve scalability and privacy in blockchains using STARK technology, providing cryptographic proofs that are zero-knowledge, succinct, transparent (no need for a trusted setup), and post-quantum secure.
StarkWare will develop a full proof stack: software and hardware to support fast and reliable generation and verification of computational integrity proofs for general computations.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

Starkware Industries was founded January 1st, 2018 by Alessandro Chiesa, Eli Ben-Sasson, Michael Riabzev, and Uri Kolodny. Some people familiar with the cryptocurrency scene may recognize these names, as they are the founders of ZCash, a privacy cryptocurrency. That project was meant to add privacy functionality to cryptocurrencies and thus increase mass adoption. STARKs is meant to reduce the hidden inflation problem by removing the need for a trusted setup. In their whitepaper, zkSTARK stands for Zero Knowledge Scalable Transparent (“no trusted setup”) ARgument of Knowledge. They plan for the token to be quantum resistant. It is stated that Stark’s founders have allegedly tested their initial program on an FBI database with one million entries and the technology easily handled the amount of the information. The project could provide more information and details about their solutions. There is no presence of whitepapers.

User Review

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ICO Review03 july 2018, 10:15

Starkware Industries will likely produce their own products such as cryptocurrencies or will license their technology to other technology companies. The most exciting aspect of this company to me is the fact that real technological progress is knocking at the door. If successful, Stark will be able to bridge the juxtaposition of transparent technologies such as Bitcoin with much needed private use cases. Aside from the use case of “money”, Stark may enable consumer and enterprise based applications to rest on public chains. Private chains may become irrelevant as privacy and transparency are built-in features of future blockchains. With these two features incorporated, blockchains can then focus on solving other major tradeoffs.

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