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ICO Project Secured by a Land Asset

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Maxim Dvedenidov - CEO

Olga Serbinenko - CFO

Dmitry Nagornykh - CIO

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Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 23:01

Seems pretty decent. Nothing interesting when it comes to the sole project or technical aspect. They want to build a settlement from scratch and you can become a part of this process and buy an actual part of land in Russia. They are experienced when it comes to such projects as have already done and built many, so the team is solid. And real estate is always in demand and brings profit, so it's one these ICO that you don't have to pray for it to succeed and become a next bitcoin as they simply need to build the infrastructure and sell the land plots, and this is very realistic and almost sure to happen. Good investment.

The real crypto investor18 august 2017, 11:40

Any digital investment that is backed by a real thing has a big advantage over just plain promises of some magic technology yet to be developed. Sosnovkino set their goals clearly and they are very realistic. Just to provide infrastructure and create a place for people to live. Simply and doable. The coin in this situation acts a bit like a crowdfunding mean to raise fund for the construction.

Holder of a coin not only will be an owner of some land, but will also get quarterly and yearly payments from the Company's profit. I consider it a secure and worthy investment. A Swiss risk management company has estimated return of this investment to be at 350%. I'm not sure if the return will get that much high, but surely some profit is to be expected.

Vitali18 august 2017, 11:31

First of all, the fact that they already have the land and the coin acts as a co-ownership of that real estate makes a potential investor feel very confident of leaving his money in this project. Buy buying tokens in case something went wrong and the project is not developed, you still have bought a piece of real land so you can are not leaving empty handed.

They aim to create a settlement in a quite interesting area. It's near a big Russian city and that area is really in need of many small land plots.

The team behind this project is already experienced in such investments. They have already built few settlements in Russia and Czech Republic and also they have ongoing developments in Thailand. They seem like they know what they do and can easily deliver what they promise.

themainman15 august 2017, 09:03

general site development is great, good code respository, whitepaper present and no buzzword. I think their goal is realistic. real estate project is a massive business with great turnout when manage well. i can see Sosnovkino Foundation already owns 194 hectares of land and is raising $2,700,000 in order to develop a centralized infrastructure in the area.

palmbird14 august 2017, 16:01

We know that projects in real estate are most of the time a succes.The project has a good team so i am sure this can also be the case for this project.They choose there sites very careful and have good expertise in this matter.I hope that they also think about nature and resources when they build.I also would like to see some more about the building areas in there video.Nice project but needs more information for investors.

tok_er14 august 2017, 14:29

What they do is raise funds through a token that will later act as a proof of ownership. When you buy that coin you basically buy a piece of land in Russia. They plan to build there everything from scratch so that it will become a livable area as it's probably some empty plain in the middle of Siberia. And that's the only aspect that can be worrisome as one can't be sure if it's a good place for that big investment. What if it turns out that there are no people interested in living there and buying the houses?

I'd say it's a personal decision if you want to risk and invest in this project, but the project itself doesn't sound bad and it looks like it's done by professionals.

Josephic13 august 2017, 16:06

They claim the profit will easily get to 600%, it's a brave statement.

However, one can feel quite confident in this project as the coins purchased are backed by real estate. They invest in lands and are going to build infrastructure there, so an investor can feel a bit safe about the price of the token as it's backed by land. A token holder will also have an impact on company's decisions as there will be held voting to decide important matters. After they build what they need on the land, holders will also get money from it in regular time stamps.

But how can one be sure that they won't disappear with the money somewhere in the middle of cold Russia where they are planning to build these infrastructures?

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