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Is a cryptocurrency that will be used within Nexus

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Smart contract blockchain




Jade Mulholland - Founder & Lead Developer

Mo Abbas - Backend & Solidity Developer

Selena Bunting - Public Relations

Sara Fitzwilliam - Nexus Support

Kelly Gooch - Social Media

Frank Bonnet - Advisor

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

It's hard to evaluate such project, as the whole preparation look rather decent, their design of the site and demos of the platform, as well as technical part are quite good. Social or rather Nexus, as it's the main platform is a social media that on the outside won't differ much from the general Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The features will be offered by the blockchain, therefore the privacy, security and transparency for the users. These are the things that people are mostly concerned about when using mainstream social medias, where they share a lot of vulnerable information. However, the question and biggest risk of the project is whether people are really ready to abandon Facebook just like that for some new crypto based platform, as platform such as Nexus requires many users to become successful.

User Review

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Jim Rayser02 february 2018, 17:19

Social (SCL) token price will rise to $250 after BTC stable very fast !

I see an increase in interest in Social (SCL) in social networks and in Youtube ..
My boss was interested in buying in a long time!
I think the Arabs will soon be massively purchasing SCL ..

SCL token will rise up to 500$ by spring 2018

karmakeddon09 september 2017, 03:30

The Social team has a lot of credibility backing this project. This is one of the projects that caught my eye as it has features of Kickstarter and also Facebook. Put them together and you would have an awesome platform where you can share your ideas and garner the needed buzz or support from it.

themathiasmiller8803 september 2017, 23:14

Social is a new cryptocurrency that's been attracting a lot of investors it's still the third week of ico and it has already raised $6,863,528. That's quite a huge amount of money for just three weeks that alone is a huge point to invest on this project so what's attracting people to this coin..

1. It's both a wallet and social network coin used in Nexus (which has a strong dev team)
2. Offers a lot of features not present in famous social networking sites like Integrated Tor and VPN
3. Devs team are active and very good at marketing
4. Does not allocate coins to their team instead team members are encourage to buy the coins with btc

1. Nexus app has a few bugs
2. It's still not as user friendly as facebook
3. App still needs a lot of work

Verdict: People should invest on this coin while bonus is still 20%, this coin has a huge potential and a powerful dev team behind it. This coin will moon for sure better get it now while it's still cheap.

glam.light28 august 2017, 08:49

I'd fall in love with this ICO when I have read them whitepaper.
I think it has so many potential in the future when social network growing up within technology, especially cryptocurrencies! Nexus Social could be a way to go. By the way, Nexus has a strongly foundation company which is make me believe more in my investment for their ICO.
Hope to see it develop and success in next year!

mel092426 august 2017, 05:15

Developing cryptocurrency with Nexus is great idea. They aim to create social network platform and it would a great success. Its a good market place on this project and a big chance to progress. I hope it could give a good impact to those who wants to earn coins.

DyreMandy26 august 2017, 02:07

This is brilliant, I am very excited about transacting with nexus social. Very creative way to advantage of blockchain technology. UI is very easy to understand. I have shared nexus social with my friends and the most techy in my group are intrigued and plan to use it.

An all in one social platform with extra security, It so amazing and I definitely believe it will surpass popular social networks, especially if it is marketed extensively.

sachinkr25 august 2017, 07:21

This is probably the finest offer I found in recent time. In addition, they are offering a virtual card as a payment method to perform transaction over numerous sale points (or use them on ecommerce platforms). In other wallets, we need to first transfer the funds to our bank and use them on ecommerce platforms.
The only backdrop is that they are using ETH as their currency. This might be good indeed, as ETH transact based on one to one technology. And they are also offering handsome discounts on their ICO for sometime now.

Vince_222220 august 2017, 18:02

So with their project they can put an end to a monopolized market of social sites ruled by one company and we all know which one I'm having in mind...

To say it simply. I like this project. I genuinely like what they are aiming to do, how they are going to do this and what they will offer.

They will create a one platform when everything can take place. Not only will it be a regular social network for people to connect with each other and talk and share stuff, it will be a very useful marketing platform. We all know that there are many companies that rely very strongly on social network sales and promoting. It can now take place at this platform with secure and transparent way and we as users won't be sold to advertisement companies anymore.

I believe in this project and will definitely invest in it. The design is wonderful and they are transparent and provide all the necessary information at their site.

Vitali18 august 2017, 10:53

They aim to create an extended social network platform. When your primal competitor is a big and established company like Facebook I'd say there is no chance to succeed, however they can offer what Facebook lacks - privacy. Thanks to blockchain technology. Not only do they aim to create a social platform but also integrate payment methods and crowfunding system. It will also be based on tor network to increase anonymity and security. I can really see a market place for this project and there is a huge chance of them being successful.

themainman17 august 2017, 10:16

developing a cryptocurrency which will with Nexus with an ecommerce platform is a great idea and it sound optimistic that this will be a success. Social have group of team with great knowledge background and traceable job history and experience. token sales come with bonus up to 50%. low minimum transaction amount (0.04 ETH)
offer ETH as the only payment option
transfer from some wallet are not allowed
the programme is very lenthy

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