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Platform for Cargo Robotics Industry

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Smart contract blockchain




Alexander Timofeev - CEO

Maxim Khabur - CMO

Valery Krivenko - IR

Nickolay Kovshov - LEAD IT DEVELOPER

Dmitry Arsentyev - DRONE DEVELOPMENT


SKYFchain is the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) blockchain based operating platform. This private blockchain system provides independent secure data-exchange and payment channels for a total support of robot - centric logistics. The SKYFChain Operating Platform will based on private blockhain. It will use ERC20 compatible protocol for SKYFT tokens and build payment channels for exchange transactions. SKYFchain is unique because it will be designed to exclude the human as an intermediary and it will have access to confirmed clients of the first industrial heavy duty cargo drone – the SKYF drone, which is already flying. Technically, the main purpose of the SKYFchain is to integrate critical information for all market participants and organize execution of smart-contracts for transactions. SKYFchain aims to create the whole new industry of airborne cargo drones and later invite groundborne and sea-borne cargo robots for the new business opportunities.

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

SKYFchain wants to contribute to the current logistics and cargo revolution, which drones and autonomous cargo vehicles bring. For some people, it may seem like some technology of the future, however it is estimated that unmanned logistics will eliminate labor costs and save up to 50% only by 2020. That's why the industry, as well as the users need one common language with autonomous cargo vehicles. SKYFchain would therefore be the first blockchain based B2R (Business-to-Robots) Operating Platform. SKYFchain seems to be prepared very well to successfully deliver both the system and the robots themselves. The information provided on the site and in the documentations and whitepapers are very detailed and transparently explain all of the project aspects. They are in talks with few companies, which could adapt the drones almost instantly after the development.

User Review

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Smart Investor30 march 2018, 11:48

I perceive this project as a very reliable. I mean, they provide very detailed descriptions, whitepapers and business plan. It's not only about developing the platform. They have everying carefully planned and came up with multiple use cases for their drones and technologies. They already partnered with few companies, which are ready to start using SKYF almost instantly after the development. I'm not sure about the sole investment and market value of the token for ordinary users, however companies and brands will surely cooperate with SKYF.

Dynam022 march 2018, 21:15

The presale has been sold out within 5 days. It speaks about the quality and potential of this project, as many token buyers have already noticed it. SKYFchain is the first B2R platform, as it connect businesses with robots to make the whole communication much easier and efficient. They want to develop various cargo robots like drones, ships and vehicles. It makes the whole transportation much more efficient and cheaper.

Crypto Investor22 march 2018, 10:56

This team is already experienced in developing and building drones as the SKYF project as a whole has already been working on some projects for some time. They conduct this ICO to extend their project and build that whole blockchain-based system for communication with their robots. The platform looks very good and there are a lot of detailed information provided in the whitepaper, which is a good thing. For me the project will most likely succeed as it's prepared that well and the idea is good.

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