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Crypto aimed at offering seamless utility on both public

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Smart contract blockchain



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BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 11:25

It is basically a new coin like Blockchain, but you have more anonymity. You cant follow the coins you just sented , you can discover the adress IP from where it was sented. This is an advantage but is also a disadvantage because hackers can easily take advantage of this knowing that the transactions cant be tracked

Jmigdlc9917 august 2017, 03:39

Based on what i've read on the Signatum whitepaper, this coin doesn't do much aside from being a coin that you can mine. Yes, they claim that this is private or secure and all that but they do not even discuss these features in their announcement, website, or whitepaper. I see this as simply a coin to mine, pump, then dump. Get out while you can.

Doe-115 august 2017, 11:46

I really like the transparency of this project. They don't want money or donations for an unfinished project. There are no presales, premines and even the developers don't take any fees. They really try to make gaining that token as fair for everyone as possible. There are going be to phases of acquiring the coin, the mining one and later it will transform into proof of stake version.

Another great advantage is how important anonymity is for the developers. The service will be protected by TOR nods, and all the IP address tracking functions of blockchain are disabled therefore it will be nowhere registered who is using these applications.

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