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A new cryptocurrency for shopper marketing and rewards

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Smart contract blockchain




Christine Rianne - Head of Product Recall Data Excellence

John Wesley Salvador - Senior Developer

Anton Jabchinskij - Erlang Developer

Maria Arshava - QA Manager

Ivan Vasilev - Erlang Developer

Kirill Lyubimov - Mobile Developer

Gennady Volchek - CEO & Founder

Andrei Kucherov - CTO

Tony Lee - CMO

Evgeny Markelov - CEO, Shping Moscow Office

Maria McInally - Customer Service & Account Manager

Nurul Huda Ab Hamid - ASEAN Corporate Sales Manager, Shping Singapore Office

Sasha Xie - Business Development Manager, China

Evgeniy Srednyakov - Partner & Client Service Director, Shping Moscow Office

Dmitry Moryashov - DevOps Engineeer

Shping is a world-first integrated shopper marketing, brand protection, product safety and global product database rolled into a single ecosystem that rewards consumers for using it and contributing to it.

Shping Coin will become a decentralised cryptocurrency that fuels the growth and adoption of the Shping Platform amongst shoppers. Brands, retailers, certification bodies and other authorised agents can use Shping Coins to incentivise and reward consumers in retail shopping situations to influence purchase decisions, validate product authenticity and drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Shping wants to create a huge ecosystem, that would combine shopper marketing, brand protection, product safety and global product database. To make it easier to gather all of the data and more interesting for the users, everyone can contribute to the platform and receive rewards. With a mobile search engine, an user will be able to scan code from a product and get access to variety of information that would help him make smarter and safer purchases. Brands and companies will be able to directly access customers, therefore advertise the products much more effectively and get proper feedback from the users. The Shping Platform is powered by Ethereum smart contracts and manages product traceability on the back of hyperledger and GS1 EPCIS standards.

User Review

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I really like this project08 february 2018, 16:43

"Shping will combine the world's most comprehensive product database with a shopper marketing and rewards platform that enables, consumers, organisations and brands to work together to help make shopping smarter and safer for everyone."
The design of the site makes it really easy to use and find all of that helpful information about the project. They are also doing good job advertising their ICO, so there are a lot of investors to come, therefore most of the funding goals will be probably met, so the platform can without any troubles be fully developed and deliver to users. It is something that I would be really keen on using and many people may find it useful as well. With many users, the price of the token will probably raise, so it's a good investment and good project.

Investor #1208 february 2018, 16:40

I like the overall neat design of the site, platform and demo apps. It also sounds very useful to have access to all of that information about various products after scanning their bar codes. And as everyone can contribute to this big database, the information can be checked and proved by many people and not only big companies, which can manipulate some data. I think it is also a good incentive for brands and companies to help them connect with their customers and encourage them with rewards.

ICOrated06 february 2018, 07:10

Amazing vision - if this takes off, this is going to be a huge game changer for shopping and bringing crypto into the mainstream. Strong team and easy entry point at USD0.01. The app has a few bugs to sort out and the product database needs to be built up but I think this is one of those businesses that is only going to get better as they grow. This looks like its going to be a grower so hodl for the long term.

altcoinscan01 february 2018, 02:33

I have been watching these guys for a while because they have something I think think people will want and a actual real reason to have a token! This is going to be a massive money maker because it taps into something everyone has to do which is shopping. I missed out on the presale which sold out but I am pumped for the main sale starting soon. The platform is great because it combines advertising, ingredient sources and product safety information with reviews and actually gives shoppers a reward for scanning the barcode to unlock all of this info. That's pretty cool because not everyone would think to do that and this gives them a reason to do it all the time. As someone who is allergic to gluten, I have to look up labels all of the time, so it would be good when the App will have more brands making this information available and maybe they can do alerts for us. The product is in beta, but I have tried it and it works ok but there's not much detail yet. But the potential is massive because brands have to buy the Shping tokens to pay shoppers for scanning their products who then can sell it back to them! If the brands don't buy the tokens now, then they're going to have to buy it from investors. So the token economics is self-sustaining + it has a market for the Coin which is a really good sign. Really smart product and team. I'm looking forward to investing huge in the crowdsale.

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