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Returning the Wisdom to the Crowd

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Smart contract blockchain




Elad Peled - FOUNDER




Kirill Lukianenko - NET DEVELOPER

Tatyana Arkhipova - NET DEVELOPER

Senno will introduce web and mobile applications which will provide access to its main features:

  • Wallet for holding and transferring NEP-5 based SENNO tokens.
  • Management of hardware resource Contribution to the Senno network.
  • Marketplace for developers which lets them offer new features and plugins for the network and earn SENNO tokens.
  • Applications market (SennoApps) will enable searching and downloading 3rd party applications which are based on Senno’s SDK.

The First implementation of the Senno SDK on the platform is in the form of a Real time Cryptocurrency market trading sentiment analysis app, which will allow receiving accurate Buzz and Mood indicators for every coin in any chosen timeframe. CryptoScanner will be open source and exhibit the implementation of the user side module on the Senno Netwok, including on-chain access over Neo to Senno smart contracts and access to semantic content, reports and analysis from decentralized cloud storage.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Senno aims to revolutionize the decision making and business intelligence analysis by utilizing AI algorithms and special type of distributed sentiment analysis. First of all, in order to create a huge database of information that they can base their analysis on, they will incentivize users to share their data for rewards in tokens. Nowadays, most of the sites and platforms track their users behaviour and often use this info for their own benefits or they even make money of it, by selling the data to other companies or advertisers. Therefore, Senno wants to openly and transparently talk with the users about their shared information. Senno bridges between Offchain customer data and blockchain Data In order to create a complete user data map of multiple Id’s. All of the information is stored on an encrypted and secure blockchain. In order to acquire user data, advertisers will be presented with an interface which will allow data retrieval using a wide range of selected filters such as geo location, age, gender, interests, expenses and more. One of the aspects that Senno doesn't want to forget about, is the integration of their project with 3rd party apps thanks to an open API. This way, the advertisers could add the data collecting features to their own projects, sites and so on and reward their users with Senno tokens. The team is relatively small, however it consists of blockchain developers and extensive advisory board. When it comes to the overall appeal of the project and the information provided there, it could be delivered slightly better, however it is easy to research the information about the project. There are multiple other ICO-based projects that want to take on similar market, therefore the competition may be tough.

User Review

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Users Data14 october 2018, 18:19

Finally we, the users, will be able to earn on our data. I mean, all of the sites have been tracking our behavior for many years now. They are making literally billions of dollars on what we, the regular people, produce on the internet. Our every site click, search, video watched - it all builds our profiles for potential advertisers to push products. So if they are making money of my data and I have no other choice than to share it with them, why wouldn't I get paid for it? Senno wants to give me that opportunity and I like that idea.

ICO Review14 october 2018, 18:16

In my opinion that is not the best project out there. I mean, the smart contract is transparently available and the whitepapers on GitHub repository explain the main aspects quite neatly, however when it comes to the project as a whole, when it comes to the design, media presence, preparation and so on, it's not the strongest on the market. And currently with ICOs having harder times because of many scams and weak projects on the market, the investors may not be that keen on investing in not the best project out there. When it comes to such database of user data, I've come across few blockchain-based projects that tackle that idea. I wish them luck, but they wouldn't be my first choice.

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