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Blockchain Contribution Graph

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3.4 out of 5

SanCoin which has been renamed to TeamCoin aims to develop a universal “Contribution Graph” that is a “Contribution Graph” which is a verified, distributed and immutable register of the projects and the members of the community who contributed to the projects which could be of great value to the creative professions in the startup communities and Open Source. Itas SAN Erc20 token for achieving its goals. The team consists of highly experienced members so the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is well designed and the roadmap seems nicely planned and the whitepaper is well presented.

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Indie_204 may 2018, 14:13

Having a blockchain contribution graph is So I think having a project like this won't have enough userbase but it just has to be there and is needed. The team is overall great and the other aspects such as the roadmap, website, and whitepaper have been properly designed and presented. Overall the project has been nicely executed and does not seem to be a scam so I would recommend investing in it.

thesmallboy14 august 2017, 09:42

Sancoin offer investor a great deal with discount up to 40%. it seems they have alot of program coming up with the platform plan to be launch in first quarter of 2018. the adopt blockchain technology which make transaction seamlessly fast and they accept BTC
time and conditions of sales are only anounced through email and also discount is based on the amount of BTC sent in the initial pre-sale transaction

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