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Royal Kingdom Coin


The token of Royal Kingdom Enterprise

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Smart contract blockchain




Abu Sulayman Saleh - CEO

Sergey Uvarov - CTO

Adriana Costa - CFO

Igor Tarasov - Senior software engineer

Paulo Sakamoto - Senior software engineer

Adrian Luiz - Head of Customer Care

Expert Review

2.5 out of 5

Royal Kingdom Coin looks like a project that was created solely for the sake of ICO and for money collecting of course. Documentation for the project contains a lot of vague information, from which it is not clear what is the innovation of the project or at least benefit, any competitive advantages. They want to take part in fullfiling Dubai government’s goal of becoming the blockchain’s world capital. It seems that they just release a token created on the basis of the Ethereum technology and sell it. It is also important to note that according to the White Paper they plan to distribute the tokens in the following way: 20% will be sold, and 80% will remain with the team.

User Review

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01010113 august 2017, 20:49

It's the most useless idea I've ever heard. I mean, it's a Dubai based cryptocurrency that actually doesn't bring anything new or useful into a cryptocurrency world. They state that as Dubai wants one day to become heavily involved in development of blockchain technologies they have created that coin, but in fact it doesn't play any role at all.

You want payments, you use bitcoin. You want contracts you use ethereum. No need to create coin for the sole sake of having own coin. You want technologies you develop them.

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