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RootProject is a new model of crowdfunding platform for public and charity projects

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Smart contract blockchain




Dr. Nicholas Adams Judge - Cofounder

Chris Place - Cofounder

Zac Filan - Principal Software Engineer

Anton Kraminkin - Development director

Dr. Ashley Hooper - Advisor

Alex Bazhanau - Principal Ethereum Engineer

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

RootProject wants to make a platform for crowdfunding for public and charitable projects. But the description on the site itself and in the documentation is very confusing to understand and doesn't make it easy for potential investors and users to learn about the project. On the other hand WhitePapers provided detailed information about what problem do they want to solve, RootProject's features and solutions. The token generation is complaint with KYC. A significant portion of each funded project’s donations go to the removal of coins from the market. A portion of a project’s crowdfunded proceeds go to token purchases, driving currency demand. The team can surely act as an advantage as it is quite large and consists of many experienced members, the ICO Roadmap and early preparation stage is also very well done.

User Review

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William2115 august 2017, 12:55

From all of these new blockchain crowdfunding platforms this one looks the weakest. The general design is really bad and gives it cheap an amateur look.

Also one of their statement which is: "Project initiators don't need to complete the project or know anything about cryptocurrencies.", seems like basically invitation for all the scammers and bad people to steal money from users wanting to support possible interesting projects or charity organizations. It's a big red alert for me. Also the development team doesn't look solid and they don't have much experience with blockchain technologies.

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