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Cryptocurrency arbitrage and market maker

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Leon Kocjancic - PhD Researcher at Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Valentin Gjorgjioski - PhD in Computer Science with focus on data mining

Vladimir Kuzmanovski - PhD in Communication and Information Technologies

Hristijan Gjoreski - PhD in Computer Science, focus on context based reasoning

Darko Cerepnalkoski - PhD in Computer Science, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vito Martin Hrzenjak - Finance Graduate

Expert Review

3.4 out of 5

RIALTO wants to provide useful tools for cryptocurrency traders so that they can indulge in cryptocurrency arbitrage, market making, and prediction trading. These types of tradings allow them to earn a fraction on every transaction, as for example arbitrage is a purchase and sale of a cryptocurrency in order to profit from a difference in the price between different exchanges. XRL tokens, which are ERC-20 based will be required to use the platform and access the tools. There is little information about the team as only three main members are listed on the site. The design of the site is very simple and makes it easy to navigate through it, however there isn't much information or details about project there.

User Review

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Vince_222220 august 2017, 19:04

I dislike this project. They want to manipulate the market as they are probably incapable of making a profit out of it. Bunch of scientist that wants to use statistic to control what has been unpredictable for ages. I don't see any point in that project. There is no need to make markets and exchanges "fair". It's a competition between investors and uses both skill and luck and has worked for decades.

tobs13 august 2017, 00:20

They want to act as some higher being looking upon every market exchanges and deals. Seems like a project solely for particular group of people to profit from allegedly all market deals that they "improve efficiency" in. They even say it in their whitepapers that there are so many new coins and stuff being traded on exchanges and put on market that they want to manage it and take some fees from everything. It's useless and kill the sole purpose of different markets and exchanges working their ways.

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