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Rex/Imbrex will provide universal access to real estate information

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Stephen King - Principal & Co-founder

Russell McLernon - Principal & Co-founder

Duke Long - Advisor

William King - Advisor

John Balian - Advisor

Ron Griffel - Creative Director

Expert Review

4 out of 5

REXMLS has been rebranded to Imbrex and while the first version of the project lacked qualities, currently it seems that the developers did a good job improving project's details and their delivery. First of all, the sole website, materials and whitepapers looks much better and provide detailed descriptions of what Imbrex wants to offer. "Imbrex syndicates real estate data into a globally accessible marketplace, where data is locally sourced, validated and secured via the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts and cryptoeconomics." The biggest impact is put on the ownership and access to data, which users can control and share with other companies as they wish. The developers noticed that in mainstream solutions the users sacrifice ownership and control of their real estate data to third party portals, which leads to increased costs, simultaneously decreasing innovation, and prohibiting universal property identifiers. The team is quite big and consists of few full stack programmers and blockchain developers responsible for the technical side of the platform.

User Review

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Jackson Hern13 august 2017, 20:42

Indeed quite neat platform that aims to connect everyone involved with real estate. If it succeed in bringing together all the vendors, buyers, agents and big fish involved in a estate trading on a daily basis it will surely become a popular site. The power of blockchain will allow to create a nice database of every offer in the whole world and make buying a house take few days with all the payments and legal stuff being transferred through this chain. That's what I like. One organized platform to do everything you need in a particular matter.

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