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Relest is a real estate rental auction platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Anuar Zhilkibagarov - CEO, Founder

Daulet Myrzan - Lead developer

Michael Tarassov - Blockchain expert, lead engineer


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29 august 2017, 21:31
5 out of 5

good web development. translation plugin and widget working well
good roadmap and whitepaper
ICO features and objective are backup with great explanation which make the project to be realistic
token sales is very cheap and offer bonus on token purchase
social pages are active and working well
fund allocation are very good
ETH supported only
US citizens cannot participate

17 august 2017, 13:38
5 out of 5

At one time or another in life, everyone is either a landlord or a tenant. So the issue of real estate/accommodation cannot be overemphasized. Relest brings landlords and tenants together and eliminates the difficulty encountered either as a landlord or a tenant. The introduction of its own cryptocurrency REST which can be converted to fiat currency is also innovative (it is not enough to bring out a cryptocurrency and only mine). Overall, I see it standing the test of time if it overcomes the initial hurdle all crptocurrencies face : acceptance.

15 august 2017, 11:52
5 out of 5

Relest aims to create a neat and organized place for people to easily rent places. User will get all the necessary information like how much is the real estate really worth, how close it is to interesting places and so on. You will even be able to directly chat with the owner. Nothing revolutionary and many booking and renting sites already have these features.
Relest token can be then used to pay the rent. Which will reduce the cost and all fees as it's based on blockchain, so there won't be any fees like it usually is with bank wire transfers and platforms like this.

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