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Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate

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Smart contract blockchain




Maksim Zaslavskiy - CEO, Founder

Alex Moiseienko - Marketing Jedi Master

Eugene Salitrynskiy - Development Team Lead

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Vince_222220 august 2017, 18:14

A digital asset is a digital asset. A real thing is a real thing. A digital asset backed by a real thing is probably the most secure and best investment there is. I really like idea of combining these two things. It will surely make investors feels safe as their tokens will be backed by real estate. And the fact that this is real estate makes it even more interesting and profitable as this market is really huge and there is a lot of money to make there.

The design is very good, just like the idea. I like this and other investors should also.

ennas16 august 2017, 22:09

REcoin is a new cryptocurrency that was designed for a broad range of financial
transactions and is backed by real estates owned by the 101REcoin Trust. These include
the real estates in developed and stable economies like the USA, Canada, Japan, Great
Britain and Switzerland. though this idea is great, but would the values and prices of the real estates be determined by the REcoin crypto or vice versa? this concern is due to the unstable nature of crptocurrencies,

tobs12 august 2017, 23:36

It looks very promising and solid.

They will use the money from people that buy that coin to invest it in real estates. If there is a crash or the coin just won't grow to prevent investors from loss they promise liquidity up to 70% of the currency’s market value. The money is backed by solid real estates so a potential investor can feel pretty secured. The real estates market itself is a pretty big thing will enormous sums of money being traded. They want to provide the facilities and technologies so all the tradings purchases and sells can take place on their platform and if they succeed, it's going to be a big thing.

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