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Reality Clash


Reality Clash will be the most advanced social augmented

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Smart contract blockchain




Morten Rongaard - Co-Founder

Tony Pearce - Co-Founder

Paul Mottram - Lead Developer

Ben Hebb - Executive producer

Ella Romans - Head Producer

Sam Barkaway - Project manager

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Reality Clash as an augmented reality combat game for mobile devices aims to build its own big ecosystem based on blockchain. The sole sounds very interesting, however there are some risks with this rather ground-breaking project. The game market is quite oversaturated and it may be hard for independent project to break into it and the game seems to rely on a huge amount of players, as they should interact with each other in real world. The real world aspect is very interesting and success of Pokemon GO, shows that players are keen on this type of gameplay. Real world buildings have an impact on the game and smartphone’s camera shows an augmented reality picture on the phone's screen. The site is designed quite well and provides a lot of information about the game and how the blockchain technology is used there. The team is experienced and has enough members to deliver the promises.

User Review

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jake04 october 2017, 17:23

As a member of the team for reality clash, i am of course biased in my opinion but I am sad to see so many "it will fail" comments on here. We had over $2.6 million in funding from supporters... this is not a small figure for a mobile game...

There is a huge market for this game concept and our research in 2016 has proven this. AR is still an emerging technology which is not only a great stepping-stone to VR but has managed to get gaming out into the real world. Families walked outside and hunted pokemon together on Pokemon Go - this was just the jumping off point for mainstream AR gaming. This market will continue to grow! See:

As a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast and trader, I can see real utility in RCC - which is lacking in a lot of cryptocurrencies. It will help gamers get into cryptocurrency which is good for both crypto... and gamers!

The development team behind the project is solid and of course promotion/marketing will be a huge part of the project which, as stated here, is crucial in building a community and a successful game. Make sure you have a good look at the website:

Using Tokens such as RCC allows players and traders to actually own the weaponry they purchase and have that ownership recorded + transferable via the blockchain. It allows non-crypto gamers to have an easy avenue into crypto trading as they can play to earn RCC and then move it to the marketplaces/exchanges to trade.

We will make this game a success.

I'm happy to speak further to anyone who wishes to discuss the project: email me at [email protected]

Or join us on Telegram and speak to some of the community!

Thanks for reading.

karmakeddon17 september 2017, 04:42

This game will not be a success. It will never be a big thing. There is really no appeal for this particular game as this is somewhat in the niche market. The video trailer for the game looks amazing, but I do not know how that will really translate into mobile devices. The graphics will surely be mediocre when it launches and it will also have a lot of bugs.

A lot of people will be turned off by this game since it will most likely use your GPS location and people would want their privacy.

That's right19 august 2017, 10:56

Well there is nothing big or innovative when it comes to the chain technology in this project, it's just a token issued for game payments. However the developers aim to make that game a really big deal, with it's own economy and millions of user. I doubt they will be able to achieve this and with not many players it won't be worth much nor the game will be playable as it relies on contacts between players. But maybe they will succeed as they want to use that technology that makes you go outside and play in real life with your phone in your hand. Looks interesting, but will most probably fail.

Nick W.15 august 2017, 15:53

To invest in such a project one has to really believe that this game is going to be next big thing. With many ICOs emerging lately, there are many projects that want to combine the virtual world with a possibility of later selling your game coins for real profit.

That game is going to include what has turned out to be popular in a case of Pokemon GO, that has been the biggest innovation in terms of such mobile games. They are combined the virtual reality and playing games in real world by going outside.

I would consider it a gamble whether or not it will turn out successful. I hope they will spend lots of this ICO money on marketing campaigns and advertisements to gather as many players as possible. Maybe the fact that they are going to be one the first games to introduce blockchain and tokens into their gameplay may play a positive factor.

tobs13 august 2017, 00:27

It's nothing more than a coins for one particular game that they make. It's pointless that it came to a point when anything will needed it's own token to be created. They could have easily implement payments based in already existing currencies. If they think the game will be augmented enough for it to need it's own economy and market valued coin, they aim too big. Even million players is not enough for it to work out.

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