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A High-Capacity Peer-to-Peer Transactional System

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Smart contract blockchain




Qi Zhou - Founder

Zhaoguang Wang - Software Engineer

Xiaoli Ma - Research Scientist

Yaodong Yang - Research Scientist

Wencen Wu - Research Scientist

Anthurine Xiang - Marketing and Community

Ting Du - Business Development and Eco-system

Patrick Mei - Community Manager

Julianne Zhu - Social Media Broadcasting

QuarkChain is a high-capacity peer-to-peer transactional system. It is an innovative permissionless blockchain architecture that aims to meet the global-wise commercial standard. It provides a secure, decentralized, and scalable blockchain solution to deliver high on-chain transaction per second.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

QuarkCoin aims to create a more secure cryptocurrency by employing many advanced algorithms in the place of bitcoins plain SHA256. It differs form bitcoin in more complicated proof of work algorithm and its distribution model. It seeks to address bitcoins slow block times, the threat of specialized hardware and the unfairness of altcoin distribution. The team has dedicated members who are well-experienced, the overall team evaluation is positive. One can easily track their previous experience, education and skills and they have worked previously in corporations such as Google or Facebook. There are many strategic partners listed and lots of companies and funds which invested in the project. It's worth noting that at the early stage of the development, there is already a test net available.

User Review

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Tender Investor20 may 2018, 22:33

An alternative better than bitcoin cryptocurrency is what quarkcoin aims to offer which I think is a good idea and the issues it aims to solve are all valid but the approach of the project is not that good. Currently, it is not in a position to solve those issues, in the future after it is completely developed it would definitely be a great crypto. It has a great experienced team, the website has been nicely designed, it has successfully attracted a large user base and the whitepaper is okay. Overall, in my opinion, it would be a great option to invest in for the long term.

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