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4.3 out of 5

QTUM aims to combine Bitcoin and Ethereum. In simple terms, it is an Ethereum system on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is an open source, a decentralized project aiming to take advantage of bitcoins success while competing for the Dapps and Smart contract market. The team consists of members with decent experience but the founder has a bad reputation so the overall team evaluation is neutral. The website is designed beautifully and the user interface is really great. The roadmap also seems fine and the whitepaper is presented nicely.

User Review

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avatar may 2018, 10:47

The idea of the project is to combine both bitcoin and ethereum. Where the majority of the community is on the topic of which crypto is better this concept could really be a big hit and the team has executed the project well. I think all the aspects of the project are great, it doesn't seem to be a scam and I would consider investing in the ICO.

palmbird14 august 2017, 07:01

What i really like about this coin is the great team .They are one of the best because the have a big understanding of social networks but the are needed to expand these.Qtum will be huge for Asian markets.The site looks great and is easy to use.But i don't know if the will be able to become atop 20 coin.They should do more on European markets.

spadormie13 august 2017, 05:41

I really like the site of QTUM. And I think the team that runs this project are so great and could give this project a shinning thing for its ICO. They have a nice hard cap and it is nice because when they reached that cap then boom great success.

tobs12 august 2017, 23:19

They claim to combine what Bitcoin and Ethereum offer. And that's what I think is the biggest drawback. Why would someone get interested in that if there are already these two big coins. The developers set themselves an impossible goal to fight with actually two biggest cryptocoins that exist. An investor needs to keep in mind that because of that they may struggle to survive or maintain any higher value at the market and exchanges.

themainman12 august 2017, 22:19

fast site loading
good graphic content
mobile optimized
widget are not well arranged
social site links are sited too low. visitor may find it difficult to locate it
no home buttons
the links on the header are too close
contact us is too wide and are repeated
'as see in' need to be moved to footer
information provided in the body are too scattered and not justified

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