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Massive multiplayer online real time economic strategy

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Andriy Maslievich - Cofounder & leading developer and smart-contract developer

Nazar Chervinskiy - Cofounder

Max Karkach - Cofounder & Developer, designer and illustrator

Oksana Vasylytsya - Cofounder & leading economic model developer

Taras Yeserskiy - Cofounder & author

Sergiy Chervinskiy - Cofounder & author and illustrator

Expert Review

4.0 out of 5

Prospectors is an online game in which a crypto token is used as the internal currency. Thus, it will allow successful players not only to have a good time, but also to earn real money. Such system has been previously seen in some other online games. The biggest difference is an open smart contract, the source code that would allow any player to control transparency. But it's still not the main thing for the game project. Success will depend largely on the marketing and virality of the project, which is usually difficult to predict. The game is set near the second part of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The main target is to get as much gold as possible, which will require different game assets and workforces. The preparation for the ICO stage seemed to be at a very good level.

User Review

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bottle of water15 august 2017, 14:18

The idea of being able to earn money while having time playing online game seems pretty good. This token will be used in a multiplayer online game as a currency but can also be sold on exchanges and made profit into a normal fiat currency. However when it comes to creating a brave project like this it all depends on whether or not will they gather enough gamers for the coin to become valuable. If there are no players there is no value. The game wants to have a realistic economic model. It will be available as a web browser game, but also have its mobile apps.

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