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Regulated Bank for the Blockchain Generation

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Smart contract blockchain




Ivan Turygin - Founder

Sergei Potapenko - Founder

Nikolay Pavlovskiy - Blockchain Engineer

David Wachsman - Public Relations and Marketing

Vitali Pavlov - Production Management

Renna Reemet - Development

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

Polybius noticed that the technological development is making modern finance more complicated. They want to become single point of access to control all your finances, including the cryptocurrency-related ones. Polybius aims to combine features of regular mainstream banking with IoT, Big Data and of course blockchain technology, meeting all the UX requirements. They have Polybius token which is ethereum based and the token holders get rewarded from a percentage of companies profits for holding their tokens. The team listed on the site is at the moment relatively small and may be not enough to deliver the fully operational platform as promised. The overall design of the site is very neat and makes it easy to research information about the project. There are already similar platforms trying to make it big on the market, therefore the competition may be tough.

User Review

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ICO Review28 may 2018, 19:59

The project aims to bring private banking system along with the advantages of the blockchain technology which according to me is one of the most common ideas which have been carried out better by other projects. The team and website and the roadmap along with the white paper, all seem pretty good but due to the concept being too common I wouldn't suggest investing in it.

Lils25 august 2017, 18:41

The first sentence you see after visiting their website says: "a project aimed to create a regulated bank for the digital generation." And I think that already disqualifies them and makes them the most crypto related company ever. Blockchain was created to help make everything decentralized and not controlled by anyone. Bitcoin was created so that there is no threat of a bank having control over our money. And now here is Polybius who wants to bring back everything that we've been fighting against. Pointless.

That's right19 august 2017, 10:26

I'm not sure that after the developers of the cryptocurrencies did their best to make them as decentralized and anonymous as possible and giving all the management with private keys to the users, I don't see why would anyone need a bank now, after everything has been done to get rid of banking.

However if somehow the project succeed a holder of this ICO will get some nice bonuses, like 20% of their profits will be distributed to the ICO holders and with the platform that big it can be some significant amount of money. The team working on this project is big enough to execute something like this, I'd say.

Salmen16 august 2017, 16:16

I joined Polybius during the ICO because they're affiliated with Hashflare who has been long active in the crypto industry. A Blockchain Bank simplifies today's problem of the traditional banks. Speed of the transfer and trust is a big problem. That is why I invested here. However I consider it as risky since the team of Polybius has a shady history.

To sum up, I'll list all pros and cons here.
Pros (+):
• First Company that wants to be a blockchain bank
• Team behind of Polybius have been long in the industry
• Promise a profit of 20% of the company's profit towards the end of the year

Cons (-):
• Poor dedicated support in Telegram Chat
• Shady history about Polybius team
• Accusation of faked partnerships with other company

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