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Join is a shared, universal ledger designed to track ownership

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Smart contract blockchain





Anthony Di Iorio - ETHEREUM, JAXX

David Bailey - BTC INC.




Expert Review

4.7 out of 5 wants to use blockchain technology, its transparency, reliability and cryptography to give both publishers and the authors the tools to automate the licensing process without relying on third parties. Their mission is to: "Leverage blockchain technology to ensure the existence, integrity, attribution of assets, analytics and data." One can easily choose from existing licenses or determine his own rules of how he wishes his content to be shared. Then any payments or dividends from usage are automatically transferred. POE is staked by content creators in order to join a marketplace. Site's design is very neat and makes it easy to research the information. The team is relatively big and consists mostly of programmers and developers which focus on delivering the best quality technology. The project partners with Jaxx, which is a popular multi-cryptocurrency wallet. has already been integrated with WordPress and Joomla.

User Review

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ennas19 august 2017, 06:11

in a world where intelectual property theft is on the rampage and Authors have to go extra miles to secure and protect their work, came a knight in shinning armor. created a Proof of Existence- a non-financial blockchain application which would allow users to anonymously and securely store a cryptographic record of a file uploaded by the user permanently. Essentially, Proof of Existence would enable a user to publicly prove their possession of a particular set of data at a given time, without revealing the data or their identity. This provides strong evidence in support of copyright or patent claims, and facilitates verification of a given digital asset’s integrity.

Glory9016 august 2017, 11:54

This great project. is a shared, open, universal ledger designed to record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets.’s core objective is to simplify the processes of publishing, licensing, and authentication of digital assets.
Utilizing blockchain architecture and timestamped metadata for attribution and licensing, aims to create a globally-verifiable record of digital media assets, along with a standard, extensible metadata format which would make it easy for smart media applications to access and license these assets.

So far I have not known the disadvantages of
Because this project has just started, and I think their team is pretty good at communicating in the project

tok_er14 august 2017, 23:51

The idea is simple. A neat and clean never ending storage of all the content that has been created. It's a platform that solves the issue of ownership in the Internet. It's an easy tool for every creator to be able to prove that they are the creators and the content is their intellectual property. It also makes a whole physical publishing much easier as it's cuts off all the necessary documents and legal work that an author would have to go through in order to publish their work.

Their platform is already available on the testnet, it's nothing much, but there is not much to expect. It's clean and easy in use, and shows how easy it is now to store all the information.

tobs12 august 2017, 23:54

That's what is really needed in today's world, especially with the never ending Internet full of different sites and users. People are using other's work like it means nothing. They stole art, images, copy stuff from others blogs or comments, it's good that they thought of blockchain usage connected to ownership and licensing. I can see it being very useful for people that create things.

Jonny09 august 2017, 12:49


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