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A supercomputer in the palm of your hand

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Smart contract blockchain




Dorjee Sun - Project Manager & Co-founder

Kenta Iwasaki - CTO & Co-founder

Mirza Uddin - Head of Business Development

Trung Nguyen - Community Lead

Anup Malani, PhD - Research, Strategic & Commercial Partnerships Global Lead

Ajay Prakash - Business Development & Partnerships

Doug - Senior Developer

Jack Li, PhD - Senior Developer

Heyang Zhou - Senior Developer

Joanne Huynh - Finance & Admin

Darren Toh - Compliance & Communications

Perlin Network frames a trustless market around an untapped computing power supply consisting of highly underutilized computing resources to make supercomputing economically viable and accessible globally.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Perlin utilizes their own native ledger, which is a directed-acyclic-graph (DAG). It uses an Avalanche consensus protocol, that provides the scalability and throughput, which significantly increases its speed. While Ethereum is able to process around 15 transactions per second, Perlin aims for 1300 TPS. Moreover, they want to create a supercomputer which will be able to handle all of the projects and dApps that will be built upon Perlin. Miners can devote their unused computing power from various everyday devices, such as smartphones and be rewarded with PERL tokens. The competition in that field may be tough as there are already few projects of this kind. Perlin has quite an impressive list of project's investors and the team has good amount of members to deliver successfully this kind of platform. The whitepapers explain the idea in details and provide technological insights into the project.

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