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PEP Network


Revolutionized Digital Emotions by introducing the world’s 1st blockchain render protocol for personalized content ecosystem

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Udayakumar Kadirvel - CEO & Co-Founder

Siddhartha Vinnakote - CTO & Co-Founder

Sujith kumar C R - Chief Strategist & Co-Founder

Subrhmanyam A S - CPO & Co-Founder

Rakesh Nanda - Creative Director

Govind Malehithlu - COO & CBDO

Palanikumar Thangapandian - Cloud Expert & Blockchain Geek

Sanjeeth Boloor - Head of Marketing

Mobigraph with its patented technology on personalized expression, is taking the whole world along in its journey to go beyond the current state of art emoticons and stickers. The vision is to make the world to express in a whole new way using real life (facial expression and body language) emotions in digital communication, thus allowing users to express using a vast set of expression which can be completely personalized and available to use in real time. 

In this paper,  obigraph proposes an open and decentralized eco system on Ethereum blockchain for personalized and self expressive content that fosters direct relationships between developers, creators, consumers and distributed render farmers with value shared among the participants. The purpose of this ecosystem is to create a digital economy for online personalized and self-expressive content creation, sharing and consumption instantaneously by scaling runtime render tasks on a distributed render network. 

At the heart of this ecosystem is the Mobigraph token, PEP (Personalized Expressive Platform) token, whose fundamental value will be built by the offerings of the digital services in the PEP Network Ecosystem. PEP Network, will be the first means of payment that attempts to enable consumers trade for personalized and self expressive goods or services provided by creators and developers which will have economic incentives to make great

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

PEP Network is introducing first blockchain render protocol for personalizable content marketplace. They have noticed a new type of content related to improved type of emojis and stickers, which allows to express emotions through apps by personalized reaction animations and means of communications similar to real face-to-face conversation. PEP Tokens will be used as the primary payment option within the platform and marketplace. They can be spent on personalizable content or earned by content creators. Moreover, there will be an interesting mining feature for the platform, as any user can devote their idle CPUs and GPUs and internet connection and participate in the ecosystem to render consumer personalized content at runtime. No matter how simple or ordinary the idea of animated and personalized emojis may seem, when technological giants like Samsung and Apple are also working on such technologies, it can only mean that it is going to be huge. The platform seems to be prepared very well, the designs and content of the whitepapers and documentations are on a very good level.

User Review

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Crypto Fan03 may 2018, 12:41

Great technology and strong experienced team. The app works well, I really like the personalised stickers. Can't wait to start earning money with my smartphone. Anyway, I applied to whitelist already. Will enjoy the tokens!

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