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The first native multichain system that supports EVM in the world Making large scale blockchain applications possible

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Smart contract blockchain




Frank Ma - Blockchain Storage and Optimization

Dr.Feng(Jeff) Cao - Vision and Science

Steven Lv - Architecture

Kevin Zheng - In-memory Data Management

Zhihong Chong - Knowledge Graph

Zhenjie Zhang - Query Speedup and Indexing

The PChain ICO and PCH Token offer a multi-chain system designed to address the dual issues of scalability and interoperability. Toward the goal of maximizing versatility, the PChain protocol leverages features like side-chain architecture, cross-chain transactions and a smart contract data oracle. PChain is also the first multi-chain solution to be EVM-compatible.

With their high-performance, all-purpose concept, PChain has laid out a pathway toward a new protocol with the potential to support the deployment of large-scale dApps.

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Pchain which is the short for Promotion Chain as the name suggests aims to provide a blockchain based promotion system which would help Ethereum Virtual machines in large-scale enterprise applications. It attempts to make the promotion process decentralized in such a way which would benefit the producer and the consumer both without any need of a middleman. It does not look forward to launching an ICO, Instead, it plans on donating and distributing their PCH tokens. The main features include: native multichain platform, consensus with hierarchical sharding pipeline, smart contracts based on smart data, cross chain invocation and transactions. The team behind the project has reputed members and the overall team evaluation is neutral. The website has been designed well and is a bit long with some unnecessary information provided. The whitepaper also looks great and a lot of effort has put into its presentation, the roadmap has been carefully planned and seems practical.

User Review

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John218 may 2018, 10:20

A blockchain promotion system for helping Ethereum virtual machines is what the project aims to provide which according to me is a great concept. The team has past experience in this field and the marketing team also has done a great job. The roadmap seems okay and the whitepaper has been well thought. The website is a bit long with some unnecessary information. I think this project is good but if I had to invest in it, I would not because I just don't find it good enough to invest.

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