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The first e-commerce platform

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Paynext (PET) is a cryptocurrency that built on the Ethereum blockchain platform with ERC20 standard. The purpose of Paynext is to pay e-commerce transactions on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba…

Payshoping will be the first e-commerce platform that integrates payment by Paynext, combine with Blockchain technology and AI. You will get great deals along with high discount rates when using PET. Therefore, Payshoping will quickly become the familiar place where millions of online shopping fanatics believe.


Expert Review

1.9 out of 5

The most important thing that may be worrisome for many token buyers, is the fact that there don't seem to be any information about people behind this project. Therefore, we have to assume that there is a chance of the project turning out to be a scam. Paynext could be summarized to be something like PayPal that would connect cryptocurrency and fiat world. The goal is to make it possible to pay with cryptocurrencies for products bought for example on eBay or Amazon. The platform would quickly and cheaply exchange the funds. The problem, they may face is also amount of competition among other much better prepared ICO projects that try to offer similar services.

User Review

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mannysgambhir28 december 2017, 01:19

I transferred 100$ worth etherium to wallet address provided by PayNext etherium it never appeared in my etherium wallter and without my permission , it transferred to someother address.This is scam please stay away

bemnjichiella15 december 2017, 10:16

Where is the team behind this project, investors needs to know them and their experiences. No team, very suspicious i think. All projects must be very clear with about their team players and experiences so that investors can evaluate several parameters at ease.

Rover06 december 2017, 11:18

I think this is one of the best currencies. Paynext has a core value and roadmap is quite clear. With the use of e-commerce payments, PET is likely to grow relatively long and secure for investors, which is a good opportunity.

Alex05 december 2017, 05:36

It’s a potential project for e-commerce future, if founders can ỉmpove difficulties of e-commerce sector, the project will help to upgrade B2C as well as C2C. I think the most important issue needed to solve is solve accredited members in the ecosystem.

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