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Blockchain-secured medical records

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Smart contract blockchain




Chrissa McFarlane - Founder/CEO

Jesse Brown - CTO

Michael Beer - Lead Developer

Michael Rubin - Marketing

Bob Logan - Business Development

Mohan Ramanuja - Technology Specialist

Expert Review

3.8 out of 5

The Patientory project makes a medical information storage system based on blockchain technology. The concept is simple and does not require a detailed explanation - decentralization, security, access from anywhere. All that has long been required in the medical field. However, it is clear that the introduction of such a system related to medicine is impossible without the support of the state. At the moment, states control the medical sphere and simply will not allow the implementation of anything without their knowledge. However, we could not find any references to such a partnership. The team only 4 people and no technical specialists. This is also a bad sign for a technological project.

User Review

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little_marmaid616 september 2017, 18:10

The project is okay, however such platform should be already created and developed by our governments, as we know that blockchain is the best and most secure information storage for now. This platform wants to enable healthcare providers to neatly organize their patients data, store medical records and everything health-realted. As an patient you have all the access to this data so in case of visiting another doctor or hospital, you can show them every information they would need when it comes to previous treatments. Very useful, nothing that can be considered an "investment" or worth buying into, but such platform such be mandatory.

En!oy03 september 2017, 19:59

Well there is nothing that one could have against this project. This is what the future will look like. Blockchain is a great and efficient way of secure data storage and transfer of this information. The medical sector is a great place to use this technology. Now it's a matter of whether or not hospitals or general medical world will accept such platform. There needs to be a strong government support and maybe one day it can be mandatory to store patient's data on the blockchain.

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